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GCIT Collegiate High School

Academy of Computer Science & Digital Media

​​Students pursuing a career/degree in Information Technology and Digital Communications may choose from the bank of courses below. Due to course rigor and differences between degrees at varying universities, most students within this pathway will not receive an Associate Degree by the end of the senior year of high school.  An academic plan for each student will be developed based on academic progress, individual goals and choice of institution of higher education. 

*Students must meet all testing & course prerequisites prior to course registration* 

Please consult the GCIT COLLEGIATE HIGH SCHOOL COURSE BANK​ for a list of course options as well as all testing & course prerequisites.



BIO 101

CHM 111

HIS 206

MAT 108

SPE 101
ENG 101 (FREE)



*Additional courses will be selected based on each student's individualized academic plan.
The suggested courses will allow a student to work toward a Computer Science degree.  Students will be advised on an individual basis depending on future goals.


Rowan College CodeCourse Name
2017/2018 Tuition Rowan College CodeCourse Name2017/2018 Tuition
BIO 101General Biology I$483.40 ENG 102English Composition I$153.30
CHM  111General Chemistry I$483.40 HIS 206World History II$153.30
CSC 101Introduction to Programming$383.30 MAT 108Calculus I$204.40
CSC 111Intermediate Programming$383.30 MAT 122Calculus II$204.40
CSC 203Assembly Language & Computer Organization$383.30​​ MAT 201Discrete Mathematics$153.30
CSC 205Programming in C++$383.30 PHY 201Physics I (calculus-based)$483.40
CSC 210Object-Oriented Programming in Java$383.30 PHY 202Physics II (calculus-based)$483.40
CSC 220Data Structures & Algorithm$383.30 SPE 101Oral Communication$153.30
ENG 101English Composition I$153.30 Please note: Students are encouraged to take MAT108-Calculus I and CSC111-Intermediate Programming prior to senior year of high school to allow you to move through the required course sequence in a timely manner.

All recommended courses offered at GCIT are free of charge. 

Tuition prices indicated are for tuition & fees.  Students are also responsible for purchasing the required textbooks/supplies.

*The cost for each course above reflects the 2017/2018 Rowan College tuition rate for HSOP courses (discounted). Rates are expected to change for the 2018-2019 academic year.