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Patricia S. Worley’s “Nightscapes” Illuminate the Beauty Of Night Skies and Bring Awareness to Light Pollution

Photogragh by Patricia S.  Workley of Way Pano over the Drakensberg Mountains South Africa

Prepare to be entranced as Rowan College of South Jersey's (RCSJ) Gloucester campus art gallery presents "Nightscapes," by photographer Patricia S. Worley. The exhibit will be on display from Sept. 11 – Dec. 8, with an opening reception held on Sept. 22 in the Dr. Ross Beitzel Art Gallery from 4 – 8 p.m. Join us for a free event celebrating the luminous beauty of our world after dark, as captured through Worley's lens.

A native of New Jersey, Worley has embarked on a photographic odyssey that spans the globe. With a deep-seated passion for capturing the magnificence of the night skies, Worley's lens has immortalized celestial events that many can only dream of witnessing. From meteor showers streaking across the heavens to the lingering brilliance of comets, and the breathtaking emergence of super moons from the horizon, her photographs evoke a sense of wonder and awe.

Worley's collection serves as a poignant reminder of the critical importance of preserving our natural nightscapes. In a world increasingly dominated by light pollution, nearly 80% of Americans are robbed of the opportunity to behold these celestial marvels. Beyond the human perspective, this pervasive issue disrupts the delicate rhythms of wildlife, hindering their life-sustaining activities.

"The nightscapes in this exhibit are more than just breathtaking visuals," says Worley. "They are a call to action, a plea to recognize the preciousness of our natural world and the need to shield it from the encroachment of light pollution. I hope my work serves as a catalyst for change and inspires viewers to champion the preservation of our night skies."

Registration is not required for this event and there is no fee to attend. For more information, please contact the RCSJ Gallery Director, Erika Gardner, at [email protected] or 856-464-5214. For more information about Patricia S. Worley and her captivating photography, please visit

RCSJ's Gloucester campus is located on Tanyard Road in Deptford, just off Exit 56 of Route 55. The Dr. Ross Beitzel Art Gallery, located in the Gloucester campus College Center, is open Mon. through Fri., 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. For more information call 856-415-2122.

This program is supported by the Gloucester County Cultural & Heritage Commission, known for its commitment to fostering arts and culture. ​

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