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Blackboard Assessment Reports

​​​​​Instructors that use Blackboard for fully immersed online courses, hybrid courses, or web enhanced course, can now align the student learning outcomes, the program learning outcomes, and the core competencies directly to assignments.  Please view the content below for detailed instructions.  If you have any additional questions, please contact the Assessment Staff​.



Blackboard provides several types of assessment that can easily be aligned to the learning outcomes in each course that is taught.  Please review the various helpful videos created by Blackboard to explain the creation and usefulness of each assessment.


Goals are statements about what students should know or be able do by the end of a course or program. This tutorial shows you how to align course content to one or multiple goals. You will also learn how to associate an entire course to a set of goals to make aligning goals within that course more efficient.


You can run reports to check how your course content matches up with the institution's goals and how students are performing against the goals. This tutorial shows you how to access the Course Report tool for goals. You will run a Course Coverage Report and a Course Performance Report and interpret the results.


This video shows how to use item analysis to measure the effectiveness of test questions.