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Institutional Effectiveness

Curriculum Committee/Academic Council

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Creating Student Learning Outcomes
Student Learning Outcomes, or SLO’s, are created to assess student knowledge through demonstration, application, or analysis.  Through various forms of assessment, students will be able to use the knowledge obtained in a course to illustrate that each objective is met and mastered.  When designing SLO’s, please remember that each should be measurable, observable, and able to be demonstrated.​​

Benjamin Bloom, an educational researcher, developed a system of categories that classify intellectual behavior in learning.  When developing activities and student learning outcomes, each SLO should begin with an action verb based on Bloom’s Taxonomy.

2022 AIC Manual
This manual outlines program requirements and the review procedures for new and revised programs.​

Curriculum Forms​​

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For all curriculum forms please visit the Curriculum and Academic Records page.
Campuses use this form to request a new course number for all new courses.​

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