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Online Business Administration, A.S.

​​​​​​​​​Gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of essential business skills, such as management, marketing, accounting, and technology.​

The Online Business Administration program provides accelerated coursework, introducing students to a broad overview of business options while preparing for transfer to a four-year institution. The curriculum meets the requirements of the first two years of study at most colleges and universities.

There are three primary goals for this program:​

  • ​​Completion of an associate degree in two years
  • User-friendly scheduling for students who are working or have other obligations
  • Comprehensive online support services​​​ 

Program Goals
Students who have completed the program will be able to:

  • Apply and integrate functional business knowledge to interpret financial information and other business-related situations
  • Utilize technology to capture, analyze and communicate information that supports business processes and decision-making
  • Explain economic, legal, and social frameworks in which business operates
  • Analyze ethical conduct and diversity in a global business environment
Participants in this program will be enrolled as a cohort to encourage support and collaboration. This means that all students in the cohort will be scheduled together in 7- or 5-week courses for the duration of the program. Typically, students will take two courses within each 7-week block.  In an average semester, all students will have completed at least 12 credits. ​
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Online Learning
Students who have completed the application process and been accepted into the Online Business Administration program will be required to successfully complete a mandatory Online Orientation Course. This course will provide links to online resources, along with the pacing, format and study skills required for successful online learning.  Students will also learn how to use Blackboard and other software tools used to navigate, communicate, collaborate, receive assignments, turn in coursework and perform other important tasks.

At the completion of the course, students will be required to take a quiz and obtain a grade of at least 80 percent.  Students will have three attempts to pass the quiz.  If a student cannot pass the quiz, he/she will be provided with the option to transfer to another Business program. Instructions for registering for the orientation course will be provided by the program advisor after acceptance into the program.

​Students can download the Program Guide listed above to view a semester-by-semester breakdown of the required classes and electives for this program.

The RCSJ Catalog provides class descriptions.

The Course Registration Info site shows important information for each semester such as deadlines, dates, and guides.

For a complete list of when important College dates occur, students can view and download the Academic Calendar​.

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The content and requirements of the program requirements may be altered at any time at the discretion of the College. The program requirements were checked for accuracy at the time of publishing but should not be considered a contract between the College and the student.