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Campus Life

Campus Life at Cumberland

Emergency Notification

​​In Case of Emergency
In the event of an emergency the following may be activated:

  • A message posted on the college's website:
  • A message posted on the college's social media sites.
  • A message sent via the College's Emergency Notification system called Blackboard Connect.
Sign-Up for Emergency Alerts
Cumberland Campus​ uses the Blackboard Connect system which contacts you through email accounts, text messages to cell phones, and phone calls to home and cell phones. We activate Blackboard Connect for emergencies as described below, but are not limited to: 

  • Bomb Threats or other imminent violent threats 
  • Fire alarms, natural gas leaks and hazardous spills 
  • Building evacuations and lock downs 
  • Biological or pandemic emergency notifications 
  • Natural disasters 
  • Power outages and utility failures 
  • Campus closure due to declared civil emergency 
  • Inclement weather situations
How It Works

  • When you receive a call from CCC Alert, your caller ID will display “856-691-8614” 
  • When you receive a CCC Alert text message, your caller ID will display “23177” or "63979" 
  • You may wish to save this number in your contact list as “CCC Alert” 
  • For emails, the email ID will be from [email protected]
Employees and Current Students may Sign-Up Now to receive emergency notifications.