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Scholarships for RCSJ Students

Scholarships and Scholarship Information

The RCSJ Foundation and Scholarship Committee are currently working on a new scholarship application process. 2023-2024 Scholarship application opportunities are anticipated to be available starting in February 2023. Thank you for your patience while we work to enhance your scholarship experience.

Through the generosity of individuals, organizations, and companies in the area, Rowan College Foundation at the Gloucester Campus offers numerous academic and program scholarships annually to qualified students enrolled on a full-​ or part-time basis. The required criteria for scholarships vary depending on the scholarship classification or program of study. A Foundation Scholarship is a form of student financial aid. Scholarship funds are considered to be gifts and typically these funds do not have to be repaid. Scholarships are to help defray the costs of their tuition, and in some cases be used for books and other course-related materials. Scholarship awards assist students in funding their education to attain their educational and career goals.​

The online application process is streamlined to enable Rowan College students to apply for numerous scholarship opportunities There is no cost or fee to apply for any Rowan College scholarship​. Through the online system, students complete the application, submit an essay, high school and/or college transcripts and letter of recommendation from faculty or staff members.

The ​scholarship system automatically matches student applicants to scholarship opportunities for which they may qualify based on the program of study or other required criteria. These “Auto-match” scholarships appear once the application is completed and submitted. Please note there are additional scholarships that require specific eligibility requirements. Students are encouraged to review and “apply to” the scholarship opportunities by answering questions or providing additional information requested by the scholarship donor.

​For more information, students may contact ​Rowan College Scholarships, at [email protected]