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RCSJ Parade of Graduates Ceremonies
​We are honoring our graduates with a safe and socially distanced drive-up Parade of Graduates on both the Gloucester and Cumberland campuses from Tuesday, May 11, 2021 through Friday, May 14, 2021. Visit to learn more.
Rowan College of South Jersey is proud to be one of New Jersey’s 6 mega-site vaccination locations

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GCIT Collegiate High School

GCIT Collegiate High School

Academy of Finance & Business Management

​​​Students pursuing a career/degree in Business & Finance may choose from the bank of courses below.  Students can earn a degree in Business Administration by completing the necessary course requirements.  These courses will be selected on an individual basis to suit the needs of each student. 

*Students must meet all testing & course prerequisites prior to course registration*

Please consult the GCIT COLLEGIATE HIGH SCHOOL COURSE BANK​ for a list of course options as well as all testing & course prerequisites.   



BIO 101

BUS 102

BUS 103

BUS 221

HIS 206

SPE 101
ENG 101 (FREE)           ECO 101                   

HPE (FREE)                   ECO 102                           

BUS 107                      ENG 102

BUS 108                      MAT 103

CIS 102                       MAT 151

CIS 207                       MAT 152

PSY 101         or          SOC 101                               
 This coursework will allow a student to work toward a Business Administration degree. Each institution of higher education may require different coursework. Therefore, these course options are flexible and advisement will occur on an individual basis. 


Rowan College
Course Name
2017/2018 Tuition Rowan 
College Code
Course Name2017/2018 Tuition
BIO 101General Biology I$483.40 ​​​ECO 103Personal Finance$228.30
BUS 102Accounting II$204.40 ENG 101English Composition I$153.30
BUS 103Accounting II$204.40
ENG 102English Composition II$153.30
BUS 107Business Law I$153.30 HIS 206World History II$153.30
BUS 108Business Law II$153.30 MAT 103Statistics$153.30
BUS 221Principles of Marketing$153.30 MAT 151Mathematics for Management
​CIS 102​Introduction to Computers$382.30​​MAT 152​Applied Calculus​$204.40
​CIS 207​Management Information Systems​$299.20​PSY 101​General Psychology​153.30
ECO 101Principles of Economics I (Macro)$153.30 SPE 101Oral Communication$153.30
ECO 102Principles of Economics II (Micro)$153.30 SOC 101Introduction  to Sociology$153.30
 All recommended courses offered at GCIT are free of charge. 

Tuition prices indicated are for tuition & fees.  Students are also responsible for purchasing the required textbooks/supplies.

*The cost for each course above reflects the 2017/2018 Rowan College tuition rate for HSOP courses (discounted). Rates are expected to change for the 2018-2019 academic year.