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Degrees & Certificates

Nuclear Medicine Technology, A.A.S.

​Nuclear Medicine is the use of radioactive materials and sophisticated electronic scanning equipment to diagnose and treat certain suspected or known disorders of the human body. The three most common procedures are organ imaging, laboratory analysis and therapeutic administration.

Students enrolled in the 22-month Nuclear Medicine Technology (NMT) program spend the first year building a core of liberal arts and science courses. Summer sessions focus on the basics of NMT instrumentation, clinical procedures and patient care. The second year is spent primarily in clinical training, with additional instructional courses at the College.

NMT students must complete the minimum number of required hours of clinical instruction, which are scheduled throughout the program in collaboration with clinical affiliates. Clinical hours occur during the fall and spring semesters of the second year.

Program Goals

Upon successful completion of the NMT program requirements, graduates are eligible to apply for board certification through national certifying agencies: The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists and the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board.


NMT is a selective admissions program. Students must be accepted to the program before registering for any NMT courses.

Rowan College requires all students accepted into the NMT program to complete a criminal history background check (CHBC), a mandatory requirement of clinical agencies to engage in patient care. Students denied the opportunity to participate in the clinical agency as a result of the CHBC will be dismissed from the NMT program.
The Nuclear Medicine Technology program will be admitting a class in Fall 2020.  Applications will be accepted in Spring 2020.  See NMT admissions for requirements. 

Students can download the Program Guide listed above to view a semester-by-semester breakdown of the required classes and electives for this program.

The RCSJ Catalog provides class descriptions.

The Course Registration Info site shows important information for each semester such as deadlines, dates, and guides.

For a complete list of when important College dates occur, students can view and download the Academic Calendar.

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About the Program


Fall 2020 Deadline:
February 28, 2020

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Program Outcomes

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Graduate achievement data is an indicator of program effectiveness, demonstrating the extent to which a program achieves its goals. The current report on graduate achievement data, identified by program, is available on the JRCNMT website by clicking on the following link.

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The content and requirements of the program requirements may be altered at any time at the discretion of the College. The program requirements were checked for accuracy at the time of publishing but should not be considered a contract between the College and the student.