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Selective Admissions

Selective Admissions

Selective Admissions

​​​​​​​​​​​Acceptance to these programs is competitive. Applicants interested in a selective admission program must meet requirements beyond requirements for general admission to Rowan College of South Jersey. Those wishing to apply to any Selective Admission program are encouraged to read and follow the material below. It is the applicant’s responsibility to meet each of the program requirements listed. Applicants must be certain they obtain the selective admission packet of information for the year they wish to apply.

Notice for Prospective Applicants

Students applying to a selective admission program after Fall 2020, lab science courses taken at Rowan College of South Jersey since Spring 2020 that have an online component will be acceptable for selective admission ranking. However, we cannot guarantee other schools will accept these courses for transfer.

​We also cannot guarantee lab science courses taken outside of Rowan College of South Jersey since Spring 2020 will be accepted for selective admission ranking or transfer. Applicants will need to consult the Science Course Poliy in their admissions packet for guidance on what documents must be included in their portfolio.​

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Nursing, Generic​​

On July 1, 2019 the former Cumberland County College and Rowan College of Gloucester County, merged to become Rowan College of South Jersey. Due to the merger, the New Jersey Board of Nursing has required the two programs to join and create one unified curriculum.

The Board of Nursing approved the new curriculum in fall of 2020, with the first cohort admitted in fall 2021. The curriculum will be delivered on both the Cumberland and Gloucester campuses. ​


Campus Selection: Students will apply to either the Gloucester or Cumberland campus to complete Nursing (NURS) courses.​

Admissions Exam: Health Sciences Reasoning Test – Associate Degree (HSRT-AD). HESI and TEAS will not be accepted for admissions ranking​

​Nur​​sing​​​, LPN-RN Track

Due to the campus merger and curriculum revision of the generic nursing program, the LPN-RN track is on hold until further notice. Prospective candidates are encouraged to apply to the revised Generic Track curriculum for Fall 2021.​

Diagnostic Medic​al Sonography (DMS)​​

Nuclear Medicine ​​Technology (NMT)​​

Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA)

  • Register for an Information Session!​ Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all information session will be through Zoom Webinar Applicants must attend one information session for the year in which they apply.

  • ALERT: Observation Hour Requirement Update for 2022: 

    The Rowan College of South Jersey Physical Therapist Assistant Program requires 25 clinical observation hours (15 hours outpatient/10 hours inpatient) to be completed as a component of the Selective Admissions application. For the Spring 2022 admission year only, the minimum required observation hours have been decreased to 15 observation hours total. These hours can be accumulated in any type of physical therapy setting, inpatient or outpatient. 

    All other requirements that pertain to the clinical observation hours remain unchanged. Please refer to pages 25-26 of the 2021 PTA Admission Packet for further details on documentation, paid working hours, and hours completed during a previous education program. All submitted observation hours will be verified for authenticity.
    Update as of 8/6/20

  • Physical Therapist Assistant Accreditation Status

Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA)​​

Automotive Tech​nology​​

​​​*Review Exemption Criteria listed on page 5 of the admissions packet or by visiting the Testing Center website