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STEM Students in classroom and in front of MEC Building

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RCSJ–Cumberland Plants Seeds of Love on Earth Day

RCSJ–CumberlandAdult Center for Transition Students Isha Shah and LaHanna Singh

Isha Shah, left, and LaHanna Singh, Adult Center for Transition students, plant flowers in Rowan College of South Jersey–Cumberland Campus’s Community Garden during recent Earth Day event.

​​The Rowan College of South Jersey–Cumberland Campus (RCSJ) community recently gathered at its beloved Grove to celebrate Earth Day. The Cumberland Campus Community Garden Event, held on April 21, was funded by the RCSJ–Cumberland Campus Education Foundation. 

Several speakers, including Dr. James Piccone, vice president, RCSJ, spoke about the significance of Earth Day. The vice president also shared his thoughts about the connection human beings have with the planet we receive our nourishment from, and the place we call home. 

“I was thinking about Earth Day and … through the ages, in all corners of the globe, people have looked at living organisms such as trees, shrubs, herbs, [and] flowers to make sense of our lives," Piccone said. “And we do honor their transcendental qualities in a variety of ways." 

Students from the Adult Center for Transition (ACT) program, which is supported by the Cumberland Campus Education Foundation, planted the herbs and flowers that are on display for the entire College community to acknowledge and admire. 

Isha Shah, freshman, RCSJ, expressed how the ACT program is helping her reach her academic goals. 

“I appreciate the opportunity to participate in today's program," said Shah, who aspires to become a home health aide. “I'm learning valuable things that are preparing me for college level courses."

Another ACT student, LaHanna Singh, waxed poetic about the power planting has in bringing people together. 

“I myself can … say my life has been similar to a flower," said Singh, whose career goal is to become a disability social worker. “Just like how a flower blooms at its own pace – so do we as a people."

“Our campus garden will be a cultivated place built on diversity, acceptance, care, and mutual respect for others," she continued. “I believe this will be a beautiful place for everyone to love and grow."

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