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RCSJ professor offers hope and support during time of crisis


The many challenges facing professionals who work each day on the front lines are ever present. Doing so during the COVID-19 pandemic presents additional dangers and stressors that affect workers' physical and emotional health.

A webcast series called, "Resilient Minds on the Front Lines" has been developed through a statewide collaboration to provide vital emotional support to first responders and front line workers during the current health crisis. The first episode debuted on April 13.

Rowan College of South Jersey professor Kate Tumelty Felice, Ed.D. is playing a role in developing the concept and content for the initiative.

"In March, I was invited by Supervising Deputy Attorney General and NJ Chief Resiliency Officer, Rob Cziepiel Jr., to attend and participate in New Jersey's first ever master resiliency training," explained Felice. "From that, I got the opportunity to be a part of an amazing team that is dedicated to bringing resiliency and hope to as many as we can during these challenging times and beyond.  

"I've been able to be part of its development and part of the production team. I will also be teaching some segments, and will be working hard to share and extend the message."

The team, consisting of Master Resiliency Trainers, public relations professionals, educators, law enforcement and retired military members, along with Cziepiel and many others, work together to seek relevant topics to teach and encourage mindfulness, wellness and resiliency to help those who help others.​

In the first episode of the webcast, New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal said that the biggest challenge is figuring out what the new normal is, how to protect oneself and how to get resources now.

"Resiliency is our ability to bounce back and find hope and meaning in times of adversity," Felice said. "It is both inherent and learned, and can be tapped into and built upon. These webcasts will give practical skills and information to improve one's resiliency, now and throughout life. 

"We want to support and help all of the front line workers, many of whom are my students and their families," Felice added. "If we can help them build strength and resiliency and find hope during adversity, these videos will make a difference and show our gratitude for all they do. These videos are dedicated to those heroes, and I'm blessed to be a part of this team to honor them."

Visit the newly-launched website of “Resilient Minds on the Front Lines" for additional information about the program, and to watch new webcasts as they are posted:​

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