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Degrees & Certificates

Computer Science, A.S.

​​​​​The Computer Science program provides the first two years of concentrated study for students planning to pursue a baccalaureate degree. Foundations in programming and problem solving, data representation and algorithms, object-oriented programming, computer organization and assembly language programming are part of the curriculum, fulfilling the core competencies of critical thinking and information technology. Although the program primarily is designed for students transferring to a four-year university, after successful completion of the program students also will find career opportunities in computer science and information technology areas.

Program Goals
Students who have completed the program will be able to:

  • Learn fundamental principles, theories and analytical skills to solve computing problems throughout the program
  • Analyze, design, choose the interface, code, test and debug to effectively develop error-free computer programs
  • Learn computer architecture, software design and programming that are most widely used in engineering, science and technology-related fields
  • Identify, formulate and solve problems and learn to adapt to evolving computer languages, systems and industry standards

​Students can download the Program Guide listed above to view a semester-by-semester breakdown of the required classes and electives for this program.

The RCSJ Catalog provides class descriptions.

The Course Registration Info site shows important information for each semester such as deadlines, dates, and guides.

For a complete list of when important College dates occur, students can view and download the Academic Calendar​.

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The content and requirements of the program requirements may be altered at any time at the discretion of the College. The program requirements were checked for accuracy at the time of publishing but should not be considered a contract between the College and the student.