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Testing Services

​​​HESI Health Education Services Inc.

​​The computerized HESI exam is an admission assessment for the Physical Therapy Assistant​ (PTA) program on the Gloucester campus, the Radiography program on the Cumberland campus, and for Nursing programs at other institutions of higher education. The test consists of subject tests, personality assessments, and a critical thinking component. Students have a maximum of five hours to complete the exam and may take the test components in any order.​

Please act quickly as test dates often fill up before the registration deadlines.  

Please note the following:​

  • No personal calculators are permitted; however, a calculator is available on screen for the duration of the test.
  • No cell phones or other electronic devices are permitted in the Testing Center.
  • No food or beverages are permitted in the test room. 

Testing dates are published in the RCSJ Selective Admissions packets for the PTA program. Seats are limited for all test dates. Please note that seats may be filled before the established registration date deadline.


What is HESI?

The HESI examination is designed to assess a student’s academic and personal readiness for higher education in a health care field.               

What areas will the test cover​?

Students applying to the PTA program(Gloucester Campus) must take the six subject exams: anatomy & physiology, chemistry, math, grammar, reading comprehension, and vocabulary; two personality assessments: personality profile and learning styles; and one critical thinking exam. The biology exam is optional.              

Students Applying to the Radiography program(Cumberland Campus)must take the following subject exams: Math, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Biology, Chemistry, and Critical Thinking.              

How long is the test?

Students are permitted approximately five hours for the exam. Most students take at least two to three hours.               

How many times may I take the test?

Students are permitted to take the exam unlimited times per admission cycle. However, test dates must be at least 60 days apart. Scores from one exam will be accepted for the Selective Admission requirement.​            

Students Applying to the Radiography program (Cumberland Campus)
​*If you reschedule, or register within 2 weeks of the test date, you have pay a $15 fee to the One Stop and present the receipt to the Testing Center.     

What do I need to bring on the test date?

Students must present a valid, government-approved photo ID and have their username and password. Students may not bring a cell phone or any electronic device.  

No food/beverages or electronic devices (cell phones, smart watches, etc.) are permitted in the test room.  

May I bring a calculator?

Calculators are provided within the exam software; students may not bring their own.​ 

No food/beverages or electronic devices (cell phones, smart watches, etc.) are permitted in the test room.

What score do I need to pass the test?

This information is provided in the Selective Admissions packets for the PTA and Radiography programs.      

How long are the HESI scores valid?

Currently, there is no expiration date. Check the Selective Admissions for updates.          

What is the cost of the test?

Please refer to the current Selective Admissions& Packet for the HESI Dates/Fees.          

Will I receive a refund if I miss the test?

The cost of the test is non-refundable. Students who miss the test may reschedule for an additional fee.              

When is the test offered?

The HESI exam is scheduled more than 30 times a year. The dates are posted in the Selective Admissions packets. Seats are limited for all test dates, and students should be aware that test dates fill and are closed even before deadline registration dates.    


View HESI Exam Gloucester Test Dates​​   ​

View HESI Exam Cumberland Test Dates​​  ​


Where is the test offered?

Students applying to the PTA program(Gloucester Campus)                

The HESI exam is administered in the Testing Center, on the second floor of the Student Services building.​​             

Students Applying to the Radiography program(Cumberland Campus)             

The HESI Exam is administered in the Testing Center in the Catherine J. Arpino Education and Humanities Center.             

How do I sign up for the test?

Students applying to the PTA program(Gloucester Campus)
Students must register in person at the Gloucester campus Testing Center, located in the Student Services building on the second floor. For information, call 856-415-2268.            

When the paid registration form is returned, Testing Center staff will assist the student in obtaining a username and password, which are required to take the test.     

All paid registration forms MUST be returned to the Testing Center for seats to be reserved.  

View HESI Exam Gloucester Test Dates​​   

View HESI Exam Cumberland Test Dates​​  

Students Applying to the Radiography program Cumberland Campus)            

Start time for all HESI testing on the Cumberland Campus is 9 AM.


  1. Register/login as a student:Evolve website​

    Click I'm a student; Click Login (upper right corner); click Create an Account; fill in required fields OR Login with your existing Evolve username/password; Click Submit.     

  2. Register for HESI:

    Click My Evolve tab (upper left corner) and in the center of the page, click Student Access.     

    ​​*If you never created an Evolve account, you must call this number 1-800-222-9570 and say “I need to pay and would like assistance in creating a Student Access link.
  3. Click Payments tab at the top

    Make testing payment (*date not chosen at this time) by credit/debit card (Accepted: VISA, MasterCard, American Express & Discover). If testing for the first time Type in Payment ID#  24954 for Version 1 OR if testing for the second time Type in Payment ID# 24955 for Version 2; Click Search; Complete billing info; Click Proceed to Checkout; email receipt to [email protected] as proof of HESI registration payment, with the 2nd receipt as explained here below:        

  4. ​IN ADDITION: Before making an appointment, you will also need to pay $30.00 to the Cumberland Campus One Stop.  You may pay in person at the One Stop window, across from the bookstore, OR  RCSJ-Cumberland students:& You can also email&​ [email protected] & copy [email protected] to request to have the fee billed to your student account.  Non RCSJ-Cumberland students will need to come in person to the One Stop, where cash, checks or credit cards can be submitted, OR Non RCSJ-Cumberland students also have the option to submit an application to Admissions, and then request to be charged in your student account.  Once paid, all examinees need to bring in person, or email the $30.00 receipt, in addition to the HESI Test Fee receipt, to [email protected] to request your HESI exam appointment.     


    Registration must be completed by presenting BOTH receipts to the Cumberland Testing Center, via email or in person.  You may then request an appointment for a date listed below.      

For assistance with this procedure, please call HESI Client Services at 1-800-222-9570.        

When and how will I receive my scores?

Students' scores will be available through their Evolve account, usually within 24 hours after the test. When students need the official sealed copy for their portfolios, they may pick up a copy by presenting a valid photo ID to testing staff members during our regular business hours.          

May I retest if I have not achieved the minimum scores?

Students may retest after 60 days and are required to retake the complete test. No partial exams are given.            

How can I prepare for the test?

Study guides and books are available through libraries, bookstores and online. A general chemistry or biology textbook can be helpful. The HESI Admission Assessment Exam Review, current edition, is available at the Rowan College bookstore or through Ev​​olve.

Evolve/Elsevier Prod​uct Page     

General Websites 

Test Prep Review     

MoMetrix Test preperation​     

Complete Test Preperation     

After taking the HESI exam, remediation is also available at: ​   


Instructions for accessing the remediation site are given to students when they sign out after taking the HESI test.       

Can you accommodate students with disabilities?

HESI is an untimed test for any other documented disabilities, please contact the Department of Special Services: Gloucester Campus​Cumberlnad Campus           


Gloucester; Cumberland