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Placement Test

Placement Test

Frequently Asked Questions

​1.  How can I be exempt from taking the placement test?

Please visit the Exemption Criteria​ page for more information.

2.  How can I prepare for the test?  

The following resources may be useful in preparing for the placement test:

Next Generation Accuplacer

Classic Accuplacer

Math Sites 

Language Arts Sites 

3.  Why do we need to take the test?

The test provides a current assessment of your basic skills. Your test results will determine course placement.

4.  What is on the test?

Rowan College uses the Accuplacer® Placement Test developed by CollegeBoard(TM). It assesses your skills in reading, writing and mathematics. 

5.  When may I take the test?

The test is available continually throughout the year. Check the calendar on our website  for up-to-date scheduling.

6.  Do I have to pay for the placement test?

No, there is no fee for admitted Rowan College students.

7.  How long is the test?

The test is not timed, but allow a 3.5 hour time period to complete the test.

8.  What do I need to bring when I take the test?

On test day, remember to leave your cell phone in your car and please bring:

  • Rowan College ID

  • Photo ID (license, etc.)

9. How do I obtain my results?

Your results will be available immediately after you complete the test.

10. May I retake the test?

Students have the option to retake any of the sections one time. This is called a Challenge Test and costs $10 for each section.