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​​Conference and Events Center Policies

General Statement
The Conference and Events Center is comprised of the George P. Luciano Family Center for Public Service and Leadership and the Frank Guaracini Jr. Fine and Performing Arts Center. The Luciano Center includes a dividable main room, lobby, three conference rooms, a forum room, executive board room and kitchen. The Guaracini Center facility includes an auditorium, stage, backstage, gallery and lobby areas. 

The Conference and Events Center facilities are available for use by both internal (college) departments and organizations and external (non college) organizations, groups and businesses. All Conference and Events Center users must comply with all local, state and federal laws as well as College regulations and Conference and Events Center policies and procedures. Requested events which would interfere with College classes, activities or operations, or cause interruptions for students will not be approved or scheduled. The College reserves the right to reject any use request which jeopardizes public safety on campus. The College may impose additional use requirements after review of event requests in order to assure public safety and reserves the right to cancel scheduled events when circumstances demand. The capacity of the Center and the users to implement events within these guidelines will be determined by the College. Approved use of Center facilities may be revoked by the College if it is later determined that an event interferes with regular College use, facilities are misused, public safety is jeopardized, and/or College or Center regulations are violated. In the event that the College must cancel its rental agreement, the College's liability will be limited to refunding any prepaid but unearned portion of the rental fee for the portion of the scheduled rental period postdating the cancellation, and that the event host's liability for payment for the unused portion of the rental period would abate accordingly.

Freedom of Speech & Expression
The college seeks to support an atmosphere of free expression while fostering a sense of community in a climate of civility. Parties may be allowed to distribute and/or communicate information to individuals on the campus or at college functions provided they are approved by college officials and do not pose a threat to the campus community (i.e., infringing upon the rights or general health and safety of individuals, and college operations). When giving its consent, college officials will consider time, place, and manner of proposed activities, among other relevant and appropriate information, in their decision-making. At no time will any activity that intimidates or harasses others, or incites others to riot or disrupt scheduled and/or normal activities within any campus building or area be allowed. The college will cooperate as required by law with civil authorities; the college cannot protect individuals from prosecution under federal, state, or local laws.

Alcohol Policy
The distribution and consumption of alcoholic beverages is generally prohibited on the college campus. Center users wishing to serve, provide or sell alcoholic beverages must obtain specific approval through the Conference and Events Center Office. In addition, the necessary local and state licenses for the distribution of alcoholic beverages must be obtained which is the sole responsibility of the facility user. A certification of liability insurance in the amount of one million dollars naming Rowan College South Jersey as additionally insured must be provided.

Non-alcoholic beverages must also be served whenever alcoholic beverages are served/sold, and must be displayed openly. Food must be provided in adequate amounts, proportionate to attendance, when alcoholic beverages are provided.

Deliveries of alcoholic beverages to the Conference Center must be arranged/scheduled by Conference Center staff. Deliveries are expected day of event. Unused supplies of alcohol must be removed from the Conference Center immediately after the event.

Persons attending events at which alcoholic beverages are sold or served may not bring any alcoholic beverages to the event. The only alcohol to be consumed at a sanctioned event is to be sold/serviced by those charged with that responsibility.

You will assume responsibility for ensuring that only individuals legally eligible to consume alcoholic beverages will be permitted to do so at the function outlined in this contract, and that no individual will be permitted to consume an excessive amount of alcoholic beverages. All guests are required to have a valid I.D. at events where alcohol is served. The Conference Center staff and/or catering staff reserve the right to curtail alcohol service to anyone.

Any person arriving intoxicated from drinking elsewhere will be barred. Any person deemed intoxicated or disruptive will be asked to leave an event. Further sanctions may apply.

Availability of Facilities
The facilities are available for use seven days a week between the hours of 7:00 am and 1:00 am. The Center is normally not available when the College is closed for designated College holidays, or if the College must close due to weather conditions, security measures or other external factors. Events will normally not be scheduled for college holiday closures and events will usually be cancelled or postponed if the College closes due to weather or emergency situations. Requests for facilities use on College holidays will be considered within the College's capacity to support and service the specific event and additional facility and personnel charges which will be necessary. The College will make every effort to reschedule events which are cancelled due to unforeseen conditions. However, any losses or expenses incurred due to such cancellations are the responsibility of the organization using the Center.

Confirmed events cancelled by the user are subject to the following costs. If cancelled:
  • 14 days or fewer prior to the event the user will forfeit 100% of the appropriate deposit and is responsible for all expenses incurred by the Center for the scheduling and presentation of the event.
  • 15 to 30 days prior to the event the user will forfeit 50% of the appropriate deposit and is responsible for all expenses incurred by the Center for the scheduling and presentation of the event.
  • 30 days prior to the event the user will receive a full refund of the appropriate deposit, but is responsible for all expenses incurred by the Center for the presentation and scheduling of the event.

Damages and Losses
Individuals or organizations assume all responsibility for loss or damages sustained by College facilities as part of their event. The costs of such damage and/or losses are the responsibility of the facility user.

The Conference and Events Center is not responsible for any damages to or loss of personal property of the user or their event's participants. This includes personal property brought to the Center prior to, during or following an event.

Normally, Center users are required to pay a deposit to confirm an event. The requirement for and amount of any deposit depends upon the size of the event, the demand for Center facilities and/or event support necessary (personnel, equipment, food service) and is determined by the Conference and Events Center Office. Deposits will normally be 25% of the total estimated fees for Center utilization. Refunds of deposits are determined by date of cancellation and outlined in cancellation section above.


Personnel: All Center users are responsible for the appropriate staff costs necessary for their event. This could include management, technical, custodial, security and/or maintenance personnel. All Center events require the presence of a Conference and Events Office Representative. The Center shall determine the number and type of College personnel necessary to support a requested event. It is the responsibility of the requesting organization to clearly identify the needs and requirements of their event. This allows for the appropriate designation and scheduling of personnel. Requesting organizations which do not identify event requirements may be billed for additional personnel not included in the confirmation agreement if additional personnel are determined by the College to be necessary. The charge for all personnel is established by the applicable collective bargaining agreement in force at the time of the event, including overtime and call in costs whenever applicable. In addition, the administrative costs of arranging and scheduling appropriate personnel are included.

EquipmentConference and Events Center listed equipment (tables, chairs, kitchenware, audio visual, computer equipment) is available for use and is included in the user facility fee. However, the cost of equipment requested by the user which is not available and must be rented by the Center will be charged to the user. Facility users wishing to use their own equipment must request and receive approval through the Conference and Events Center Office.

Food Service: All food services for events at the Conference and Events Center are coordinated through the Conference and Events Center Office and charged to the user. Center users may not independently arrange or contract for food service without prior consultation and approval of the Conference and Events Center Office.

Facilit​ies: Facility fees are determined by the user classification, type and duration of event and facilities utilized. (Facility fees will defray the costs of facility debt service, utilities, maintenance and depreciation.)

All external users are required to provide the College a certification verifying the maintenance of comprehensive liability insurance in the amount of one million dollars. Rowan College South Jersey must be named as the additional insured under the users policies for the day(s) of the event. A certificate of insurance confirming the amount of coverage and naming Rowan College South Jersey as additionally insured must be submitted two weeks prior to event. Additional insurance coverage for property damage or product liability may be required depending on the type and content of the event. All external users are required to indemnify and hold the College, Board of Trustees, employees and volunteers harmless for any damages what so ever arising from the users activities conducted in the Center's facilities.

Prohibited Uses
The Conference and Events Center prohibits the following uses:

  • Regularly scheduled credit courses. (An exception to this would include theatre courses utilizing the stage and backstage areas.)
  • Use for private or personal events.

Scheduling and Confirmation
All requests for utilization of the Center must be made to the Conference and Events Center Office. Events are only considered scheduled when an executed confirmation agreement and appropriate deposit are received by the Conference and Events Center Office. No user applicant should make any commitments, release any advertising or take any action committing use of Center facilities until a confirmation agreement is received.

User Classification
The classification for users of the Center facilities is determined by internal or external, non profit/community or business/corporate organizations. Final determination of classification for a user is the responsibility of the Conference and Events Office. The following are user classifications for the Center:

  • Class A - College departments or organizations; County of Cumberland departments or Organizations

  • Class B - Non profit tax exempt organizations with 501(c) certification; public schools; community, civic or faith based organizations; educational organizations; municipal, township, borough or city organizations; state agencies and government offices

  • Class C - Business or corporate organizations. These classifications along with event type and duration, facilities, equipment, personnel and services requested/utilized are applied to determine user fees.​