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Technical Specifications

​​Technical specifications for the Luciano Theatre at the Guaracini Performing Arts Center

  • Stage floor is black painted new growth heart pine tongue and groove flooring over 3/4" plywood,​ on 2x4 fir sleepers, on resilient neo​prene pads.
  • No attachments into the floor are permitted without prior approval of the Technical Director.
  • Any damage to the floor must be restored.

Proscenium size is adjustable with permanent framed, black, velour legs and header.
  • Width: Minimum 38', Maximum 49'.
  • Height: Minimum 18', Maximum 21'4".

Plaster line to back wall is 24'.

Plaster line to last line set is 22'3".

Plaster line to edge of stage is 11'4".

Stage width from centerline to SL lockrail is 39'6".

Stage width from centerline to SR wall is 43'6"

Rigging Specifications

Grid Height is 51'. Constructed of 3" channel with grid wells at centerline, 9'6", 19', and 28'6"
stage right and stage left.

Fly rail is located stage left at stage level.

Operating galleries at stage left and right. Floor height 25'.

There are currently twenty pipe battens, of 1½" schedule 40 pipe. Length is 61'.
Capacity is 1200 pounds. Designated lighting batten capacity is 1500 pounds.

Line Schedule

Lineset                     Distance from Plaster Line                 Description
HC                            1'6"                                                        ​House Curtain
PB                             2'3"                                                        Portal Border #1
PL                             2'9"                                                        Portal Legs #1
1E                             3'9"                                                        1st Electric
2                               4'9"
5                               6'3"
9                               8'9"
10                             9'3"                                                        Legs #2 Border #2
16                             12' 3"                              ​                       Mid Stage Black Traveler
20                             14' 3"
21                             15'3"
22                             15'9"                                                      Legs #3 Border#3
24                             16' 9"                                                     3rd Electric
27                             18'3"
28                             18' 9"                                                     4th Electric
32                             20' 9"                                                     Black Scrim
33                             21' 3"                                                     Black Traveler
34                             21' 9"
35                             22' 3"                                                     Cyclorama

***Note: House Curtain, Portal, Travelers, and Cyclorama can not be moved.

Lighting Specifications

LED lighting system w/ION Lighting Board


30: 40 degree Colortran 5-50 series 1000 watt
25: 30 degree Colortran 5-50 series 1000 watt
20: 20 degree Colortran 5-50 series 1000 watt
3: 30 degree Altman Shakespeare 575 watt
3: 20 degree Altman Shakespeare 575 watt
NOTE: 30 and 40 degree instruments can be set up to be either 30 degrees or 40 degrees.
Current Setups may vary.

15: Colortran 6” 750 watt
2: 8” 2,000 watt

34: Par 64 1,000 watt

Cyc and Strip:
5: Altman 3-cell Sky Cyc
5: 8ft. Strip lights

Follow Spot:
1: Altman Voyager Long Throw Follow Spot 400 HTI
1: Altman Sattelite I Follow Spot

1-ETC ION with 2x20 Fader wing. DMX plug in stations at control booth,
downstage left and right, and production table.

Audio Specifications

FOH Console:
The FOH console is a Yamaha LS9-32 digital console providing 32 native inputs (expandable to 64 via expansion cards) and 16 Omni outputs. Each input channel has a 4 band sweepable EQ, with the mid bands having an adjustable Q, 48v phantom power, assignable mute groups, and two dynamic effects processors, which allows the assignment of any two of the available effects processors (expander, gate, compressor, de-esser, etc.).

The FOH console has 16 mix buses and an 8 space virtual effects rack, which can be used to provide graphic EQs, reverb, echo, delay and other built in effects processors, to each mix.

Our current configuration provides for 40 balanced inputs (32 native XLR balanced inputs plus 8¼ inch balanced inputs, provided by an installed expansion card), and 13 XLR Omni outputs (3 are permanently used for FOH). We are also configured for 8 monitor mixes, using 8 of the 16 mix busses, each with its own 31 band graphic EQ from the virtual effects rack(6 virtual rack spaces are used). The remaining two virtual rack spaces are currently configured for reverb and echo/delay processors. All configurations can be changed.

The console is located in the mezzanine at the rear of the house.

FOH Speaker System:
The FOH speaker system consists of a pair of Altec 9894A, two way cabinets, combined with a pair of Altec 9880A low frequency cabinets, with one 9894A and one 9880A hung over the left and right of the seating area, providing even coverage throughout the venue.

Power for these cabinets is provided by two QSC RMX 2450 (low/mid frequency), and one QSC RMX 1450 (high frequency) stereo amplifiers. The mid/high cabinets are configured for stereo operation, while the low cabinets are configured mono with the amplifier running in bridged mode.

Tuning for this system is provided by two 31 band graphic EQs from the FOH console's virtual effects rack. The console's master also has a compressor enabled, which is used to help protect the FOH cabinets, by allowing a nominal output of 98 dB, with peaks of 102 dB.

Stage Monitoring:
By use of the sixteen mix buses on the FOH console, up to thirteen distinct monitor mixes can be achieved in any configuration of pre/post fader. However, due to current venue wiring and available amplification, only eight monitor mixes are available standard.

Each of the monitor feeds are tuned via its own 31 band, graphic EQ (Yamaha’s Flex EQ), provided internally by the FOH consoles virtual effects rack.

Eight EAW VRM12 full range enclosures and three Galaxy Hot Spot monitors are available for full stage, wedge, or personal monitoring. These enclosures are powered by four QSC 2450, stereo

Each channel has two configurable dynamic processors available. “Dynamics 1” is capable of providing either a Gate, Ducking, Compressor, or Expander. “Dynamics 2” is capable of providing either a Compressor, Compander-H,Compander-S, or De-Esser.

Various other effects (i.e. Reverb/Echo/Delay/Compression) are available via the FOH console’s virtual effects rack. The number of simultaneous effects varies from one to six, based on the number of monitor mixes configured.

Media Playback:
1-Tascam 112 MK II Cassette Deck
1-Denon DN-D4000 Dual Deck CD player
1-Sony MDS-E58 Mini Disc Recorder
In addition to the above, the FOH console is capable of playing back MP3, MPEG-4 AAC and WMA format files, via a USB flash drive. Note:The USB flash drive must be no larger than2GB and must be formatted in FAT12, FAT16 or FAT32. Drives larger than 2GB may work but results are not guaranteed.

1-Shure DMK57-52 Drum Mic Kit (1 Beta 52, and 3 SM57s with drum mounts)
5-Shure SM 58
6-Shure Beta 58A
3-Shure SM 57 (not part of the drum mic kit)
2-Shure SM 81
3-Shure SM 87
6-Shure Beta 87
2-Shure L7 wireless hand held with SM 58 heads
2-Shure SM 99
3-Shure SM 91
8-Crown PCC 160
1-Altec lavaliere
3-Sennheiser EW100 lavalieres
A two channel Clear-Com system is installed throughout the theatre. Base station is located in the
control booth.V Assistive Listening Devices
A Sennheiser S21 1219 Infrared System with 12 headsets is installed.

Miscellaneous Information
Control Booth - Located in rear of auditorium. Houses lighting console. Follow spot booth directly above. 80' throw distance to plaster line. 22 degree angle.

Dressing Rooms
There are two dressing rooms directly adjacent to the stage right wing. Each will accommodate 5-8 performers. They both have showers, bathroom facilities, lockers and well-lighted make-up mirrors.

Load In
Load in access is directly up stage. Loading doors measure 10' high by 14' wide. Dock height is 2'9". No dock plate or ramp is available.

The theatre has 50 black Wenger chairs, and 50 black Wenger music stands.

Platforming. There are 5- 8"x8'x4' platforms; 5-16"x8'x4' platforms; and 2- 24"x8'x4' platforms. Skirting for platforms is as follows: 6-8'x15½"; 2- 8'x24"; and 2- 8'x7½".

Event areas are also available in the adjacent Conference Center for groups from 6-500 people.