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Center for Teaching & Learning

Center for Teaching & Learning

eLearning Faculty Lounge

​The eLearning Faculty Lounge is an online space created and run by our CTL and Instructional Design staff. The Lounge is updated with additional content each semester, and the content is released on a week-by-week basis throughout the Fall and Spring semesters (though the content remains available through Winter and Summer as well).

This isn't just a place where we dump information for you to slog through; we check in daily and help to facilitate discussions and offer our expertise where needed. Faculty are invited to participate in our structured topic-driven conversations, or begin their own conversations about teaching.

Some of the topics covered in the Faculty Lounge:

  • ​eLearning Basics
  • Red Ink: Effective Grading & Feedback Practices
  • Office 365 For You and Your Students
  • Get Smarter with Your Smart Board
  • Capturing Student Engagement with Screen Capture
  • Building Student Relationships with Online Classrooms
  • How to Make Your Course ADA Compliant
  • Time Management and Online Learning
  • Dynamic Discussions
  • Identifying Student Learning Styles
  • How to Use Video to Enhance Your Online Course
  • Working with Copyrighted Materials in eLearning
  • Stop, Collaborate and Listen

The eLearning Faculty Lounge can be found by logging into eLearning. All faculty have access to the course, and everyone is invited to participate.