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STEM Students in classroom and in front of MEC Building

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CTL Offerings

​​​​Below you will see some​ of the different workshops and events we have available to you in the CTL. 

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Blackboard (eLearning) - Blackboard Overview

​Do you need a basic introduction and overview of Blackboard? Some of​ the topics covered in this session include creating content areas, adding a syllabus and other documents, creating announcements, giving students access to their grades and customizing your course to work best for you and your students.

Blackboard (eLearning) - Blackboard Annotate, Online Grading Tool

Bb Annotate is the online grading tool in Blackboard. It's easy to use and its features make this a one-stop grading tool right inside of Blackboard. Students can download the graded work as a PDF file with all annotations. Check it out!

Blackboard (eLearning) - Pencils Down: Building Tests in Blackboard

In this session, we will go over how to create and program tests in Blackboard. We will cover the variety of question options available and how to ensure academic integrity in the online learning environment.

Blackboard (eLearning) - Managing your Grade Center in Blackboard

In this session, attendees can learn more about how to use the Grade Center in eLearning. Information will be given on how to create calculated columns (totals and weighted totals), how to utilize categories, and how to manage other aspects of the Grade Center.

​Web Conferencing Tool - Zoom Overview

This training will give you an overview of Zoom, our web conferencing platform for teaching and learning. You'll learn the basics about how to schedule your Live Online class meetings, or online office hours for your Online course. You'll also learn how to use the tools available to you to make your classes as interactive as possible.

Web Conferencing Tool - Zoom Beyond the Basics

This session is best suited for instructors who have some experience with Zoom but who want to expand their use of the tool and learn additional teaching techniques using Zoom. You will be introduced to additional tools available in Zoom for your Online/Live Online courses. It is also a time for you to have specific questions answered about Zoom.

Web Conferencing Tool - Polling in Zoom

Using the Polling feature in Zoom. How to create polls, read poll reports, and ideas on how to use polling in your live sessions.


Did you know that all faculty, staff, and students have access to a full terabyte of storage​ through their RCSJ OneDrive account? Learn about an easy way to access your files anywhere, anytime. Also learn how to share documents with others, share your files in eLearning, and collaborate in real-time on documents.

Accessibility Series - Ensuring your Media is Accessible to All

Learn about making your video clips and audio files understandable and accessible to all your students. We'll look at options for closed captioning and how you can improve your workflow so you can easily make text available with your videos for your students who need it.

Accessibility Series - Ensuring your Documents are Accessible to All

Learn how to make all of the documents you use and share with your students readable by everyone. ​We'll look at the ways you can make Word, PowerPoint and PDF documents accessible to all and how you can improve your workflow so you can easily make documents accessible for your students.

Accessibility Series - Ally Accessibility Checker

Ally is a feature in Blackboard that will ​automatically check your posted documents for accessibility issues and generate alternative (accessible) formats for your students! Very cool! If you use Blackboard, you should know about Ally.

Library Services - Embedded Librarianship: Addressing RCSJ Core Competency Standards in Information Literacy

Offered in partnership with the Faculty Reference Librarians

In this session, participants will learn how to help students master information literacy for their lives as college students, and as lifelong learners. Participants will be introduced to our Embedded Librarian program and to other library services designed to help students conduct higher-level research for class assignments.

Library Services - Information Literacy for RCSJ Faculty

Offered in partnership with the Faculty Reference Librarians

Come to this session for a better understanding of this core competency, how to incorporate it into your curriculum and assignments, and how a librarian can help.

​OER Series - Go Forth & Annotate! Open Annotation for the Web Using

Learn about, the free and open way to annotate any web page or PDF. Annotations can be private, public, or restricted to groups you create (of your students, for instance). Highlight text on web pages, comment on it and create running discussions in your annotations. And they'll still be there when you return to the web page! "Too cool to be true," you say? Come and check it out... you'll be annotating in a jiffy!

Start & End your Semester in Style!

Make a smooth transition. This session will help you start and end your semester in style - and prepare you to teach next time! We'll cover how to download grade sheets from Blackboard and how to enter grades into Self-Service (Gloucester Campus). You will also learn how to export course materials from a former semester and load them into a new Blackboard course shell. We'll save Zoom videos and learn how to link to them in another course - and more!