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Course Registration Info

Course Registration Info

PIN Numbers

To register for classes, students must identify when registration begins for the desired semester and choose a date/time for registration at RCSJ. Student registration is based on the number of credits you have successfully completed at RCSJ. This process allows upper classmen the opportunity to register in advance of first semester and new students.   

  • All Current students receive an email notification to confirm their status of whether or not they require a PIN number to register
  • PIN numbers change each term and are provided by academic advisors
  • While all students should meet with their academic advisor, those who require PIN numbers must meet with their advisor before registering

Do I Need a Pin?

PIN #'s are not required if you:
  • Earned >15 college level credits
  • Have a GPA of ≥ 2.0
PIN #'s are required if you are a(n) (have a):
  • New Student
  • Visiting Student
  • EOF student enrolled in their first semester
  • International Student
  • HSOP Student
  • Nursing/Allied Health Student
  • Probation/Leave status
  • Student Athletes
  • Student who has not attended in the last 3 years
  • Student who have <15 credits at RCSJ
  • Have a GPA of <2.0