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Students getting advisement from Rowan College staff

Advisement at Gloucester

Commonly Asked Questions

​​​​1. I applied to RCSJ, now what do I do?

​Students who have applied to RCSJ should receive​​ an acceptance letter from the Admissions Office with further instructions on your next steps.   In the meantime, you will need to complete the following:

  1. Submit your high school transcripts or ​high school equivalency, including any prior college transcripts, and your immunization records​ to the Admissions Office if you have not done so already.  
  2. Next, all students are required to take the Accuplacer or provide proof of exemption​, to determine proper course placement.​  If you need to take a placement exam, please contact the Testing Center​.
  3. After satisfying the placement test requirement, register for the New Student Orientation​. At the conclusion of ​the New Student Orientation, you will meet with an academic advisor who will assist you with course selection for your first semester.
  4. Complete the free financial aid application.  Details on different types of aid and process for applying can be found on the Financial Aid website.
Additional information on these steps can be found by clicking here​.

​​2​​. What do I do when I am asked for a PIN number when registering?

Students who have less than 15 college level credits completed or have foundational course to finish will be required to have a PIN number to register.  In most cases, this will occur for your first two semesters.  PIN numbers change with each semester and can be obtained from your advisor when you meet to review upcoming course selections.

3​​. I attended a previous college or university.​  How do I get my credits to count at RCSJ?

Many students think that sending their official transcripts to the Admissions Office is enough to have your credits from other institutions show on your RCSJ transcript.  Unfortunately, there is one additional step a student must take and that is to complete the Credit Evaluation Form and submit it to the Admissions Office.  As long as we have your official transcript on file, this process typically takes under 2 weeks to complete.​  For more information please visit our Transfer to RCSJ page.

4​​. How do I register for classes?

Students who need a PIN number to register must meet with an advisor.  If you do not require a PIN number, you are able to freely register on your own, although we do encourage you to meet with an advisor first.  During the months of January and August our office experiences higher volume than normal and individual appointments are extremely limited.  During these times, students are encouraged to utilize Express Advising​.​  During the other months of the year, individual appointments are more accessible.

5​​​. How do I change my major (program of study)?

Students who wish to change their major can do so by meeting with an advisor.  During your meeting, your advisor will assist you in completing a change of program of study form.  Your advisor will also review any upcoming course registrations you may have to ensure your upcoming courses count toward your new major.  Express Advising​ is an ideal way to get assistance for this unless you have plans to schedule an individual appointment for additional questions.