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All traffic must use the other entrances to the College. Employees will be able to access F-lot by driving through E-lot. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause & look forward to a safer traffic pattern once construction is complete. Click HERE for a map.

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Financial Aid at Gloucester

Unemployment Waiver

​The New Jersey Unemployment Tuition Waiver is a program available for​ displaced workers. The Unemployment Tuition Waiver only covers the amount of the per-credit cost of tuition at Rowan College of South Jersey and the related general service fees. Students electing this program must understand that they are responsible for the payment of all other fees associated with the cost of registering for courses at Rowan College of South Jersey. 

The program will be honored at Rowan College of ​South Jersey by applicants that reside in Cumberland or Gloucester Counties. Out-of-County students are required to apply to their home county college and provide proof of their application to their home county school prior to having the Free Tuition Waiver applied to their account.​

Process At-a-Glance

Qualifying students must adhere to the following terms:

  1. Obtain the Tuition Free Waiver form NJES8 (R1/01) from their Career Counselor at the Unemployment Office.​​​​​​​

    • The NJES8 must have the term for which it is intended noted on the form by the One-Stop Career Counselor.

    • The courses approved by the career counselor must be listed on the back of the Tuition Free Waiver form NJES8.

    • If approved classes are not listed on the form, the student should return to the One-Stop Career Center and meet with his or her career counselor for approval or the course fees will not be waived.​​

  2. Complete the FAFSA, and if selected, Verification.

    • Failure to do so will result in the student being ineligible for the use of the Unemployment Tuition Waiver.

    • Students must certify they are not in default or overpayment status on any federal grants or loans.

  3. Comply with all requests for any required additional documentation from the Office of Financial Aid.

  4. Have their Unemployment Tuition Waiver Application approved by the Office of Financial Aid prior to enrolling for courses​​.

  5. Cannot enroll for courses under the Unemployment Free Tuition Waiver until the dates specified by the Office of Financial Aid. These dates vary from term to term, but are generally the day each specific course is scheduled to begin.

  6. Certify that they are taking courses that are specified on their NJES8 Unemployment Tuition Waiver form.

Students interested in this program must understand they cannot pay to reserve a seat in a course. Furthermore, students will not be refunded any money if they paid for courses in advance. The Unemployment Tuition Waiver programs will not refund the expenses that a student has paid out of pocket for tuition or tuition-related needs.

Academic Progress

If using the Unemployment Tuition Waiver, and a student cannot attend the semester for whatever reason, he/she must drop all of his/her classes. Students must not assume that they will be dropped for non-payment should they stop attending.

If a student needs to withdraw from a course, he/she must complete the proper withdraw forms with the Department of Student Records.

The student that withdraws from courses and is eligible for the Unemployment Tuition Waiver will have the waiver applied to the allowable tuition and general service fees. The student will still be responsible for any portion of his/her ​​bill that is not covered by the Unemployment Tuition Waiver program.​