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On the Gloucester Campus, East College Drive will be closed on Monday, February 26, through the end of May due to road construction.

All traffic must use the other entrances to the College. Employees will be able to access F-lot by driving through E-lot. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause & look forward to a safer traffic pattern once construction is complete. Click HERE for a map.

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High School Programs at Gloucester

Dual Credit

​​Rowan High School Start: Dual Credit Application​​​
Please complete the Dual Credit Application by clicking the link above to inform us of your interest in being a part of the Rowan High School Start – Dual Credit Program. A follow up email will be sent with the required curricular/instructor information that will be necessary to review high school curriculum as equivalent to college level coursework. Please be aware that Dual Credit will not be awarded for Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

You may find the following documents to be helpful:

The dual credit program at Rowan College is designed to provide high school students the opportunity to enroll in college level courses while meeting high school educational requirements.

Rowan College Dual Credit provides high school students the ability to begin their college career working within their local high school, with accredited high school staff. Students are invited to begin coursework with the same rigor and relevance as their college counterparts, but at a reduced cost, giving them an advantage in their higher educational pursuits. Students in the Dual Credit program are also better apt to understand the demands of time management & critical thinking skills and creating a more positive learning experience with less stress as they choose to complete either an Associate’s degree at Rowan College or transfer to another college or university.  *Rowan College can not guarantee the transfer of college credit earned through Dual Credit.

For Questions or Additional Information, please contact [email protected]