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High School Option

HSOP for Homeschooled Students

H​omes​chooled students have the unique opportunity to satisfy high school graduation requirements while chipping away at a Rowan College Associate Degree through the High School Option Program (HSOP).  HSOP allows high school and homeschooled students to enroll in an unlimited number of courses at a $75 credit tuition rate.  Like traditional high school students, homeschooled students must be 15 or older and have completed freshman year, as well as have met all testing & course prerequisites prior to course registration.  Also like traditional high school students, homeschooled students may utilize HSOP through the spring semester of their senior year.  However, students age out after 18 years of age. To take courses during the summer semester after their senior year, students must complete an Application for Admissions and pay the standard tuition rate.  Please refer to the HSOP Enrollment Steps​ to learn how to get started. 

What Rowan College courses can I take?
HSOP students can take any course, provided they meet the testing & course prerequisites.

What courses can I take that will satisfy graduation requirements?
Under NJ law, your child must be provided an education that is academically equivalent to what he or she would receive in school.  Rowan College is not responsible for HS Graduation requirement guidelines or for determining course equivalencies.  For information related to NJDOE graduation requirements, please visit the NJDOE website.

For comparison purposes, New Jersey's public high schools typically offer instruction in the following areas.

  • Language arts (4 years): ENG 101, ENG 102
  • Math (3 years): MAT 101, MAT 102, MAT 103, MAT 105, MAT107, MAT 110, MAT108
  • Science (3 years): BIO107, BIO 101, CHM 107, CHM 111, PHY101, PHY 103, PHY 105, PHY 111, PHY 112
  • World history (1 year): HIS101, HIS102, HIS205, HIS206
  • Civics and/or U.S. and New Jersey history (2 years): HIS103, HIS104
  • Health/safety/physical education (2.5 hours per week for 4 years): HPE 102, 104, 111, 112, 113, 117, 118, etc.
  • Financial/economic or business/entrepreneurial (1 semester): ECO103 (online), ECO101, BUS101
  • Visual or performing arts (1 year): THR111
  • Foreign language (1 year, or show proficiency): SPA 101, SPA 102 FRE101, ASL101
  • Career/technical/vocational (1 year) and “technological literacy,” civics, economics, geography, and “global content” (not as separate subjects, but “integrated” throughout): CIS102, GEO102
​The RCSJ-Gloucester course code that may satisfy this requirement are listed (please note: this is not an exhaustive list).  Course descriptions as well as course & testing prerequisites can be found by searching the Rowan College the Course Registration website​.

Rowan College does not maintain or issue high school transcripts. Many high school transcript templates are available online.  However, you may wish to use: ​ H​S Transcript Template​​.
​Coursework completed at Rowan College is displayed on the student's RCSJ transcript.  Students can access their unofficial Rowan College transcript by logging into their portal accounts. Students can obtain their official Rowan College transcript by requesting a copy from the Office of Student Records

Will RCSJ issue me a high school diploma?
Rowan College does not issue high school diplomas.  ​A high school diploma is not required for admission into Rowan College, rather an official, final high school transcript.
Are there other ways to earn college credit?
RCSJ supports credit by examination and provides the opportunity for students to earn up to 30 credits through various academic examinations: CollegeBoard(TM) Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations​​,​ College Level Examination Program (CLEP)​  and Dantes Specific ​Subject Examination (DSST).​​​

Note: Homeschool students must contact AP Services and follow established deadlines outlined by CollegeBoard (TM)​.
I am currently in a private or public high school but would like to become a homeschooled student.  What can I do?
You may wish to consult online literature on the topic of homeschooling.  You may find the information on the website to be useful.

How can I enroll at Rowan College when I no longer qualify for HSOP?
Homeschool seniors are encouraged to participate in our Priority Admissions Program​​, designed to help students transition from high school to Rowan College. 

Questions? Please reach out to: