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High School Option

HSOP Next Steps

​​Thank you for your interest in Rowan College of South Jersey Gloucester Campus's High School Option Program (HSOP). 

Spring 2021 semester begins January 19. Courses that would normally meet in person on given days and times will now meet at those times through a LIVE online interface. We continue to also offer our traditional online courses, with no set meeting times. Significant tuition discounts apply to all courses. 

Please see below for the steps to get started. If you have completed a step, please move to the next step that applies to you.  

Step 1 - RCSJ ​Student ID (A#) & Portal Login​

  • Thank you for your submission of the High School Option Participation form. You have successfully completed Step 1! You should have received an RCSJ student ID number (A#) and portal login information from our Office of Admissions via email.

    If you have not, please email [email protected] to request your RCSJ student ID number and portal login information. 

Step 2  - Placement Test (Accuplacer) 

  • Note: If a student has already taken the PSAT, SAT, or certain PARCC/NJSLA tests, the student may not need to take the Accuplacer. Please submit any exemption scores to [email protected] and move to Step 3. If you are unsure as to if you need to take the Accuplacer please email [email protected]
  • Following Step 1, your student will receive their student ID number (A#)             
  • Once the student has their A number, they can schedule a Placement Test by emailing: [email protected]  
  • See more information about remote testing here: 

Step 3 - Schedule an Appointment

  • Schedule an appointment with an HSOP Advisor to register for classes. Appointments are offered remotely at this time. 
  • Choose a date/time. If you still have to test, this should be scheduled for a date after your test is complete.
  • To make an appointment, please go to: 
  • Click on Make an Appointment under the name of your advisor 
  • Advisors will call the student at the scheduled time, unless the student indicates a preference for Zoom 
NOTE: If a student has already completed the enrollment steps and is ready to register with an HSOP Advisor, but is having a hard time getting an appointment, please email [email protected] for immediate registration assistance.

Questions? Contact, [email protected]