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Special Services at Gloucester

Placement Testing Accommodations

​​Rowan College South Jersey requires all newly-admitted students to take the college placement test.  All first-time, full-time and part-time students are required to take this exam after admission to the College but prior to registering for classes.

This exam helps place students in classes based on their current ability levels in reading, writing, and mathematics.

Students may be eligible for an exemption from the test based on their SAT scores. For more information, contact the Rowan College Testing Center at 856-415-2268.

What if a student has Vision, Hearing, or Mobility issues and needs to request accessibility accommodations?

Individuals with physical disabilities who may need accessibility accommodations should also contact the Department of Special Services to request accessibility accommodations.

Since the Placement Test is untimed, students who qualify for the accommodation of extra time do not need to make special arrangements to take the Placement Test.  

What Subjects are on the Placement Test?

Students are tested in the areas of reading, writing, mathematics: pre-algebra and elementary algebra.

Special Accommodations for Placement Testing

If the only special accommodation the student is requesting for the placement test is extra time, the test should be arranged through the Rowan College Testing Center, located on the second floor of the Student Services building. The placement test is untimed, so the student will automatically have extended time granted. To contact the Rowan College Testing Center, call 856-415-2268. For extra​ time on tests for classes during the semester, however, the student must be registered with and qualify for academic accommodations through the Department of Special Services at Rowan College  South Jersey at Gloucester campus.​

If the student will need any accommodations other than extra time, the Placement Test should be arranged through the Department of Special Services by calling 856-415-2265. Prior to sitting for the Placement Test, the student must submit current reports of qualified professionals, such as child study team members, psychologists, psychiatrists or licensed medical doctors, which support the student’s need for any requested academic accommodations.

Last Updated: August 5, 2021