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Educational Opportunity Fund

Educational Opportunity Fund

Cumberland EOF Summer Institute

​​Now Recruiting for the 2021 Summer Institute!!

July 6th to August 20th

The 2021 EOF Summer Institute is a ​free online program that prepares students for the demands and rewards of college life. Students needing remediation in writing, reading and/or mathematics are provided an excellent opportunity to improve their skills during this vigorous 7-week program.

The program helps students develop strong peer support, acquire various academic skills, and explore career possibilities. Counseling, tutoring, and numerous workshops are conducted during this engaging and interactive program.

 If anyone would like more information regarding the Cumberland 2021 EOF Summer Institute, please email

To be considered for the Summer Institute, 

Please click here to request information about the summer institute

If you have questions about the CumberlandEOF Summer Institute, please contact Yajaira Montero at 856.691.8600 ext. 1255 or e-mail at

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