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View of RCSJ's healthcare building

Educational Opportunity Fund

Cumberland Services


Professional counselors and a patient and understanding staff are available to assist students with financial, academic, career and person concerns. Counseling is a strong foundation of our program and has proven to aid in our student's academic success.

Transfer Assistance

Your EOF counselor will help you in the transfer process to an accredited four-year institution in New Jersey.


Free tutoring is provided for students who need help in various subject areas.​ Students are able to receive tutoring from EOF Peer Tutors or through the Tutoring Center located in the Academic Building on the Cumberland Campus.

EOF Summer Institute

The EOF Summer Institute is a free program that prepares students for the demands and rewards of college life. Students needing remediation in writing, reading and/or mathematics are provided an excellent opportunity to improve their skills during this vigorous 7-week program.

The program helps student develop strong peer support, create a positive self-image, acquire academic survival skills, and explore career possibilities. Counseling, tutoring, and numerous workshops are conducted during this program.

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2021 Summer Institute Application Closed!

Stay tuned for 2022 Summer Institute Information in the new year.

To be considered for the Summer Institute, 

Please click here to request information about the summer institute

If you have questions about the EOF Summer Institute, please contact Yajaira Montero at 856-200-​4691 or e-mail at [email protected]