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COVID-19 Update: In compliance with CDC and State guidelines, face masks are required on campus.

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Online Brush-ups


​Free Online Brush-ups!

For New Cumberland Students
Sign Up Now for Spring/Summer 2021​
Brush-ups help students “brus​h-up” on their Math or English to get COLLEGE READY! Brush-ups are provided free to new students by the College Readiness Now VI grant program, a partnership between RCSJ and the N.J. Office of the Secretary of Higher Education.
  • Math, Algebra,​ and English courses are for entering college freshmen who have not taken developmental courses in that subject.
  • Brush-up courses are self-paced. All work is online. Students must have access to a personal computer/laptop, iPad or other device (Chromebooks are not recommended)) and internet access/WIFI.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to attend all instructional hours in order to take and pass the test given on the last day of class. Upon completion, students will be ready to register for college-level courses.
  1. Go to our Apply page and complete your application to RCSJ Cumberland. 
  2. ​Create and register your CE online education account:
  3. Choose your Brush Up Courses​: ​
    • ​​In the left menu, choose Brush Ups, then Brush Ups from the drop down menu to see the full list of courses.  
    • ​ Students are eligible for only one grant-funded registration per category of English and Math
    •  Students may not register for Arithmetic and Algebra Brush Ups concurrently.
  4. ​​You will receive specific course instructions from the professor within three business days.​

Download Brush-Ups Flyer