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Career & Technical Education at Cumberland

Automotive Technology

Rowan College of South Jersey is crafting the best skills to meet the industry demands for qualified Automotive Technicians. With our automotive technology program, we train and certify our students to a level of competency in line with automotive industry standards.  Our automotive technology program provides students with the required foundation to craft a future as an Automotive Technician.

What can you expect from RCSJ's Automotive Technology program?

  • Hands-on experience
  • Industry Expert faculty
  • Industry Certifications
  • Connections to Employers

What You'll Learn

Heating/Air Conditioning Students will cover a basic theory of air conditioning and heating system operation, heating and air conditioning system components, types 
of automotive air conditioning systems, service and diagnostic tools, air conditioning system service and repair, glossary of terms, and troubleshooting. Students will leave this course with the basic knowledge of how air conditioning systems work, how to maintain, service, troubleshoot and repair them. 
BrakesStudents will study the construction and operation of individual brake system parts, and gain an understanding of the overall brake system design and operation.  The basic topic include:  Brake System Fundamentals, Diagnosis and Repair, and Anti-Lock Brakes, Traction Control, and Stability Control 
Engine RepairStudents will have the opportunity to become familiar with automotive terminology, trade-related computer software, and experience hands-on diagnostics and repair procedures in a shop/lab situation. Safety procedures will be emphasized. 
Steering and SuspensionThe steering and suspension systems of a car are not only important for safety reasons but also enhance the comfort level of the vehicle. The two systems are directly related to each other, which is why they are always referred to together. Topics will focus on: Tire, Wheel, and Wheel Bearing Fundamentals and Service, Suspension System Fundamentals, Diagnosis and Repair. 
Manual Drive Train AxelsStudents will learn the operation, construction and repair of all types of automotive drive trains.  Students will learn about front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive trains.  Students will also learn to diagnose clutch problems, adjust a clutch, and remove and install a clutch. 
Automatic TransmissionStudent learning will focus on the automatic transmission which performs the same function as a manual transmission but it shifts gears and releases the clutch automatically. Automatic transmission fundamentals, and services will be the focus, as well as drive shafts and transfer case diagnosis, service and repair, differential and rear drive axle fundamentals, diagnosis and repair, and transaxle and front drive axle fundamentals, diagnosis and repair. 
Engine PerformanceEngine size, performance, diagnostics, and tune-up are all important for a technician to know.  Student learning will focus on determining the engine size, torque, horsepower and efficiency.  Students will use a systematic approach to locate engine performance and driveability problems and will use advanced methods to troubleshoot difficult-to-locate problems. 
Electronic and Electrical Systems Students will learn the electric or electronic components that make up a modern car, along with the skills needed to service the electronic ignition, fuel injection, computerized engine, and other advanced systems. The course will cover in detail the operation, diagnosis, and repair of the major electrical systems, as well as the safety practices that must be followed when working with them. 



The Automotive Technology Program does not qualify for Financial Aid, but financing for the Automotive Technology program may be done through grants, private loans, and payment plans. Contact the RCSJ CTE Office at 856-776-2372 or [email protected] to find out more.


Register online at or call the CTE Office at 856-776-2372.

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