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Nursing & Health Professions Division

Diagnostic Med​ical Sonography, A.A.S. (Gloucester)

​This program of study is designed to guide the student in planning to apply to the selective admission program for Diagnostic Medical Sonography. In the event that the student does not complete the program and would like to graduate with a Health Science degree, the following pathway will serve as a guide for course planning. 

Program Notes
  • Please keep in mind that the DMS program is a selective admissions program. For more information on requirements, please visit:
  • The course schedule is contingent upon successful completion of foundation (remedial) courses
  • To take BIO 105 Anatomy and Physiology I, students must have had taken a high school biology and/or college biology course BIO 107 and a high school chemistry and/or college chemistry course CHM 107
  • MAT 105 Intermediate Algebra and MAT 110 Algebra and Trigonometry are prerequisites for PHY 103 General Physics I
  • Once a student has been accepted into the DMS program, their degree will be changed

** For Course Bank electives, please see Course Catalog page 118.

To learn more about the program or attend an information session, please visit​

​​Degree Information​

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