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View of RCSJ's healthcare building

Phi Theta Kappa

Meeting Dates

​The General Membership Meetings will take place at 1pm on the Wednesday dates listed below.  The meetings will be held in the Education and Humanities Building, roon 433.  Virtual access to the meeting is also available.  Students can access the virtual meeting link from the PTK portal page.  Click here​ to learn more about the PTK Portal Page.

Spring 2023 Semester Meeting Dates

January 31 at 12:30pm
February 8 at 1pm
February 22 at 1pm
March 8 at 1pm
March 22 at 1pm
April 5 at 1pm
April 19 at 1pm
May 17 at 1pm

All PTK Committees will meet on the "off weeks" when a General Membership meeting is not being held.  A full schedule of the committee meetings can also be found in the PTK Portal Page.