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A Message from Provost Rickards on Grades
As students restart courses online on 3/30, Provost Rickards offers information for students on grading. Most Student Services continue to be available remotely. All College campuses will be closed until further notice.
Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa

PTK Officers

​​​​​​Candice Giunta
Chapter President - Supreme delegator, overseer and Chapter’s main cog; coordinates work of Officers’ team, sets agenda and chairs meetings, guides officers’ team. Represents Alpha Psi Pi at various RCSJ and Middle States functions. Leads Chapter in pursuit of chapter’s Hallmark, International Service & 5-Star Chapter Development goals and related projects, activities or events; leads officer team in preparing annual Hallmark entries for Regional and International competition.

Paige Starr
Executive Vice President - Lead officer in charge of carrying out duties and/or representing Chapter in the absence of the Chapter President, assists Hallmark VP’s in planning & implementing Honors In Action and College Projects, coordinates end-of-year Hallmark entries’ writings.

Anthony Hairston
Vice President of Scholarship - oversees Honors Study Topic, Honors In Action project, & other Honor Study Topic activities, assists in planning all induction ceremonies, recruits and leads Honors In Action Hallmarks’ writing team.

Gino Barone
Vice President of Leadership - oversees Leadership Hallmark activities, liaison to RCSJ administration/student government, new member orientations, coordinates annual officers’ elections, recruits and assists in implementing Honors In Action program and Hallmarks’ writing team.

Tori Thompson
Vice President of Service - oversees, coordinates, recruits members for Chapter’s implementation of International College Project, community assistance projects, RCSJ service-related activities, and assists in implementing Honors In Action program; assists chapter’s Hallmark entries’ writing team.

Nina Barone
Vice President of Fellowship - oversees membership, inter-chapter social/educational activities; works with Communications VP to coordinate chapter communications to members (LEAD, website, e-mail messaging, Facebook, BEEP sheet), works with VP of membership, participation in chapter activities and events; assists chapter’s Hallmark entries’ writing team.

Lauren Malamut
Vice President of Communications - leads and coordinates Chapter’s communications tools (LEAD newsletter, Chapter’s website, e-mail & Facebook messaging, BEEP sheet, bulletin board), recruits members to take active roles in above promotion vehicles promoting chapter activities and events; assists in implementing Honors In Action program and in recruiting Hallmarks’ writing team.

Tara Torres
Vice President of Finance - assists Chapter President & Chapter Advisors in all matters pertaining to finances: leads preparation of Chapter’s operating budget for the year, prepares periodic financial report to membership, makes related presentations or proposals to College officials, coordinates collection of fund-raising moneys, assists Advisors in making related deposits, prepares and maintains proper financial documentations, assists in moving required paperwork through the College’s administrative & financial system; assists chapter’s Hallmark entries’ writing team.

Mackenzie Vukicevich
Vice President for Membership - assists Chapter Advisors in securing eligibility lists and mailing labels, assists officer team in preparing for mailing of membership invitation materials, scheduling and presentation of Prospective New Member Orientations, coordinates collection on new member applications, assists Hallmark VP’s and others on Officers’ Team in recruiting members for various Chapter projects; assists chapter’s Hallmark entries’ writing team.

Ella Odore​
Recording Secretary - records minutes, prepares and maintains records of meetings’ minutes, works with Corresponding Secretary and Chapter President in coordinating officers’ and or members’ staffing of chapter’s office, assists chapter’s Hallmark entries’ writing team.​

Carla Reyes-Miller
Corresponding Secretary - prepares and maintains on and off-campus correspondence, assists chapter officers with similar communications, replies to phone or e-mail messages, assists in posting Facebook messages, forwards messages to Advisors and/or appropriate officers, and/or to entire membership, especially meetings’ notifications; assists chapter’s Hallmark entries’ writing team.


Shawn J. Rutter
PTK Advisor​​​

Jackie Thomasson
PTK Advisor 

Want to become an officer?
Phi Theta Kappa Elections are held in May of each year. Students interested in petitioning for elections in the Spring are advised to become active in the Honor Society and meet with the current Officer Team and Advisors to learning about the responsibilities of each position.