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STEM Students in classroom and in front of MEC Building

Gloucester Syllabi

Rowan College (Gloucester) Course Syllabi

​​​​​​​Courses are listed alphabetically


ALH - Allied Health Courses
ALH 102 Medical Terminology
ALH 104 Patient Care
ALH 105 Basic Physical Exam​​ 
​​ALH 107 Cross Sectional Anatomy
ALH 110 Basic Medical Terminology
​A​LH 112 Fundamentals of Human Anatomy
ALH 119 Phlebotomy
ALH 125 Medical Assistant Procedures
ALH 130 Elements of Healthcare Careers
ALH 140 Biomedical Ethics
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ART - Art Courses
ART 101 Art Appreciation I​ Gen Ed
ART 105 Drawing I
ART 108 Drawing & Painting I
ART 114 Painting I
ART 116 Color Theory Gen Ed
ART 121 History of Photography
ART 131 Introduction to Digital Photography
ART 141 Introduction to Photoshop
ART 201 Art History I Gen Ed
ART 202 Art History II Gen Ed
ART 231 Intermediate Digital Photography
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ASL - American Sign Language Courses 
ASL 101 American Sign Language I Gen Ed
ASL ​102 American Sign Language II Gen Ed
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AUT - Automotive Technology Courses
AUT 101 Automotive Service Fundamentals  
AUT 103 Front-End Suspension
AUT 105 Brakes & Hydraulic Controls
​AUT 107 Automotive Electrical Systems
AUT 110 Engine Repair
AUT 111 Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
AUT 123 Automotive Electronics
AUT 135 Manual Transmissions
AUT 139 Automatic Transmission Systems
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BIO - Biology Courses
BIO 101 General Biology I Gen Ed
BIO 102 General Biology II Gen Ed
BIO 103 Environmental Science: Ecosystems & Man Gen Ed
BIO 104 Environmental Science: Pollution & Solutions Gen Ed
BIO 105 Anatomy & Physiology I Gen Ed
BIO 106 Anatomy & Physiology II Gen Ed
BIO 107 Human Biology Gen Ed
BIO 111 Contemporary Concepts in Biology  Gen Ed
BIO 112 Introduction to Marine Biology Gen Ed​
BIO 115 Introduction to Equine Science
BIO 116 Animal Science Gen Ed
BIO 140 Science of Nutrition Gen Ed
BIO 209 Ecology: Principles & Processes Gen Ed
BIO 212 Wetlands Field Ecology
BIO 215 Microbiology Gen Ed
BIO 216 Equine Capstone Practicum
BIO 221 Cell & Molecular Biology Gen Ed
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BUS - Business Courses
BUS 101 Introduction to Business
BUS 102 Accounting I
BUS 103 Accounting II
BUS 104 Personal & Professional Branding
BUS 106 Managerial Accounting
BUS 107 Business Law I
BUS 108 Business Law II
BUS 129 Intro to Entrepreneurship Master .pdf
BUS 202 Managerial Accounting
BUS 206 Federal Income Taxes
BUS 207 Accounting Information Systems
BUS 212 Introduction to International Business Master Syllabus
BUS 221 Principles of Marketing
BUS 223 Principles of Selling
BUS 224 Social Media & Internet Marketing
BUS 225 Principles of Advertising
BUS 231 Principles of Management
BUS 234 Small Business Management Master Syllabus
BUS 237 Human Resource Management
BUS 239 Organizational Behavior
BUS 241 Business Ethics
BUS 243 Organizational Development
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CEP - Career Internship Connections Courses
CEP 200 Cooperative Education Work Experience       
CEP 203 Cooperative Education Work Experience
CEP 204 Cooperative Education Work Experience
CEP 208 Cooperative Education Work Experience  
CEP 211 Cooperative Education Experience
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CET - Civil Engineering Technology Courses
CET 101 Introduction to Materials   
CET 108 Introduction to Surveying
CET 201 Code, Contracts & Specifications  
CET 203 Applied Statics
CET 204 Structural Systems 
CET 205 Applied Strength of Materials​
CET 206 Evidence & Procedures for Boundary Location
CET 207 Hydraulics
CET 208 Route & Construction Surveying  
CET 209 Cost Estimating
CET 210 Advanced Hydraulics
CET 215 Foundations of Planning & Environmental Design
CET 300 Adjustment Computations
CET 304 Boundaries & Adjacent Properties
CET 308 Digital Practices in Surveying
CET 312 Boundary Line Analysis
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CGA - Computer Graphic Arts Courses
CGA 103 Design, Color & Type
CGA 115 Foundations of Computer Graphic Arts
CGA 118 Introduction to Animation
CGA 120 Introduction to Electronic Publishing & Typography
CGA 130 Video & Audio
CGA 212 Screen Graphics
CGA 215 Electronic Illustration I 
CGA 216 Electronic Illustration II
CGA 217 Electronic​ image Processing
CGA 218 Game & Interactive Design
CGA 219 Web Design
CGA 220 Advanced Electronic Publishing
CGA 221 Electronic Prepress
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​CHI - Chinese Courses
​CHI 101 Elementary Chinese: Mandarin Gen Ed
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​CHM - Chemistry Courses
CHM 107 Introductory Chemistry Gen Ed
CHM 111 General Chemistry I Gen Ed
CHM 112 General Chemistry II Gen Ed
CHM 201 Organic Chemistry I Gen Ed
CHM 202 Organic Chemistry II Gen Ed
CHM 215 Environmental​ Chemistry Gen Ed
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​CIA - Computer Information Applications Courses
CIA 100 Essential Computer Skills
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​CIS - Computer Information Systems Courses
CIS 102 Introduction to Computers Gen Ed
CIS 110 Fundamentals of Programming Gen Ed
CIS 120 Spreadsheets - Excel
CIS 151 Web Development - HTML/CSS
CIS 154 Advanced Web Development
CIS 200 Principles of Information Security
CIS 207 Management Information Systems
CIS 210 Relational Databases
CIS 220 IT Help Desk/ Technical Support
CIS 251 Web Programming
CIS 264 Database Applications Development
CIS 300 Applied Database Technologies

​CMA - Certified Clinical Medical Assistant Courses
​​CMA 101 Foundations of Medical Assisting
​CMA 103 Structure of the Human Body I
CMA 104 Structure of the Human Body II
CMA 107 Medical Assistants in Practice Lab I
CMA 108 Medical Assistants in Practice Lab II
CMA 110 Pharmacology in Medical Assisting
CMA 114 Medical Assisting Front Office Procedures
CMA 118 Fundamentals of ECG/EKG
CMA 120 ECG/EKG Clinical
CMA 125 Fundamentals of Phlebotomy
CMA 128 Phlebotomy Clinical
CMA 131 CCMA Capstone Experience​​
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​COM - Communications Courses
COM 104 Business Communications
COM 105 Technical & Scientific Writing
COM 106 Essentials of APA Documentation
COM 110 Desktop Publishing
COM 115 Sports Communication, Culture & Identity
COM 140 Internet Research & Communication
COM 150 Argumentative & Persuasive Writing 
COM 201 Journalism I
COM 205 Feature Writing
COM 206 Creative Writing: Nonfiction
COM 207 Creative Writing: Fiction
COM 208 Creative Writing: Poetry
COM 210 Film History & Appreciation
COM 212 TV History & Appreciation
COM 214 Journalism Workshop I
COM 216 Foundation of Media Production
COM 217 Applied Media Aesthetics
COM 219 The Television Industry
COM 220 Mass Media
COM 225 Why We Write Writing for Elementary Students
COM 300 Publication Layout and Design
COM 305 Writing Research and Technology
COM 310 Television Production I
COM 312 Film Production I
COM 317 The Movie Industry I
COM 319 Screenwriting I
COM 324 Intro to New Media Master Syllabi
COM 334 Digital Media and Techniques MS
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​COS - Counseling/College Studies Courses
COS 102 College & Career Planning
COS 103 Student Success
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​CRJ - Criminal Justice Courses
CRJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice  
CRJ 201 Criminal Law  
CRJ 205 The Administration of Justice  
CRJ 215 Introduction to Criminology  
CRJ 230 Violent Crime in America 
CRJ 238 Crime on the Internet  
CRJ 250 Constitutional Issues in Criminal Justice 
CRJ 261 Organized Crime in America
CRJ 262 Domestic & international Terrorism
CRJ 270 Internship in Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice
CRJ 281 Criminal Justice Internship
CRJ 301 Drugs & Crime In America
CRJ 305 Counseling & Guidance of the Offender
CRJ 308 Theories of Crime & Criminality
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CSC - Computer Science Courses
CSC 101 Introduction to Programming​ Gen Ed
CSC 106 Introduction to Data Science
CSC 111 Intermediate Programming
CSC 203 Assembly Language & Computer Organization  
CSC 205 Programming in C++
CSC 210 Object-Oriented Programming in Java
CSC 216 Objects and Data Abstraction using Java
CSC 220 Data Structures & Algorithm
CSC 225 Programming in R
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DFT - Drafting & Design Courses
DFT 103 CADD I (AutoCAD)   
DFT 113 CADD II: Advanced AutoCAD   
DFT 203 CADD 3-D Modeling
DFT 211 Architectural & Civil Planning
DFT 233 AutoCAD Programming & Customization
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DMS - Diagnostic Medical Sonography Courses
DMS 101 Introduction to Medical Imaging 
DMS 105 Abdominal Sonography I 
DMS 106 Abdominal Sonography II 
DMS 113 Cross-Sectional Anatomy I 
DMS 117 Ultrasound Physics I 
DMS 126 Introduction to Clinical Practicum
DMS 201 Sonographic Interpretation & Techniques I 
DMS 202 Sonographic Interpretation & Techniques II 
DMS 203 Clinical Practicum I
DMS 204 Clinical Practicum II
DMS 205 Clinical Practicum III
DMS 208 Small Parts Screening
DMS 209 OB/GYN Sonography I
DMS 210 OB/GYN Sonography II
DMS 221 Seminars in Ultrasound
DMS 222 Vascular Ultrasound
DMS 226 Ultrasound Physics
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ECO - Economics Courses
ECO 100 Introduction to Economics Gen Ed
ECO 101 Principles of Economics I (Macro)​ Gen Ed
ECO 102 Principles of Economics II (Micro)​ Gen Ed
ECO 103 Personal Finance
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EDU - Education Courses​​
EDU 105 Education Technology
EDU 130 Human Exceptionality 
EDU 203 Teaching: An Introduction to the Profession
EDU 205 History of American Education
EDU 215 Principles & Pedagogies in the Inclusive Classroom
EDU 216 Seminar: Principles & Pedagogies in the Inclusive Classroom
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EMG - Emergency Management Courses
EMG 101 Introduction to Emergency management & Homeland Security
EMG 105 Planning for Emergencies
EMG 201 Incident Command: Theory & Practice
EMG 205 Global Catastrophes
EMG 300 Critical Infrastructure
EMG 305 Natural & technological Hazards: ​Mitigation & Response
EMG 309 Emergency Operations & Business Continuity
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ENG - English Courses
ENG 101 English Composition I​ Gen Ed
ENG101E Enhanced English Composition I Gen Ed
ENG 102 English Composition II  Gen Ed
ENG 103 Survey of World Literature Gen Ed
​​ENG 104 Reading in Literature Gen Ed
ENG 107 Principles of English Grammar
ENG 109 Survey of Classical Greek & Roman Literature Gen Ed
ENG 203 Literature by Women Gen Ed
ENG 207 Major British Writers from the Middle Ages to the 17th Century 
ENG 208 Major English Writers from the Eighteenth Century to the Present
ENG 213 Non-Western Literature
​​ENG 215 Immigrant Voices in American Literature
ENG 222 The Romantic Era in American Literature Gen Ed
ENG 225 Twentieth Century American Authors Gen Ed
ENG 230 Major American Writers Gen Ed
ENG 231 Major British Writers Gen Ed
ENG 235 American Film Classics Gen Ed
ENG 236 Contemporary American Film Gen Ed
ENG 237 American Horror Literature: Poe to King  
ENG 238 The Films of Alfred Hitchcock
ENG 240 Introduction to Children's Literature Gen Ed
ENG 241 Survey of African American Literature Gen Ed
ENG 243 The Freedom Papers: Britain's Other Literary Treasures Gen Ed
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ENR - Engineering Science Courses
ENR 101 Introduction to Engineering 
ENR 102 First Year Engineering Clinic I  
ENR 10 First Year Engineering Clinic II
ENR 201 Sophomore Engineering Clinic I
ENR 202​ Sophomore Engineering Clinic II 
ENR 207 Engineering Materials
ENR 211 Engineering Statics
ENR 212 Mechanics of Materials
ENR 213 Dynamics
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FRE - French Courses
FRE 101 Elementary French I Gen Ed
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GEO - Geography Courses
GEO 102 Cultural Geography Gen Ed
GEO 115 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
GEO 215 Geographic Information Systems II
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GER - German Courses
GER 101 Elementary German I Gen Ed
HIS - History Courses
HIS 101 History of Western Civilization I Gen Ed
HIS 102 History of Western Civilization II Gen Ed
HIS 103 History of the United States I Gen Ed
HIS 104 History of the United States II Gen Ed
HIS 107 African-American History Gen Ed
HIS 203 History of American Education
HIS 204 The first 100 Years of the American Automobile
HIS 205 World History I Gen Ed
HIS 206 World History II Gen Ed
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HPE - Health, Physical, Education & Recreation Courses
HPE 102 First Aid, Safety & CPR
HPE 104 Health & Fitness for the Individual 
HPE 105 Healthcare Provider Emergency Response with BLS Certification
HPE 106 Health & Wellness Promotion  
HPE 111 Cardiovascular Fitness Activities​  
HPE 112 Introduction to Swimming   
HPE 113 Physical Fitness Activities   
HPE 117 Weight Training Activities
HPE 136 Nutrition
HPE 150 Golf  
HPE 151 Tennis  
HPE 152 Bowling  
HPE 154 Volleyball  
​HPE 170 Stress Management
HPE 192 Contemporary Health I
HPE 193 Contemporary Health II
HPE 201 Health Science
HPE 209 Individual & Dual Sports I
HPE 211 Consumer Health Decisions 
​HPE 221 Team Sports I
HPE 222 Team Sports II
HPE 231 Specialized Swimming
HPE 233 Safety, First Aid, CPR & Injury Prevention  
HPE 240 Introduction to Health, Physical Education & Recreation
HPE 245 Motor Development & Motor Learning
HPE 252 Foundations of Fitness 
HPE 260 Exercise Physiology
HPE 265 Fitness Assessment & Exercise Prescription

ITA - Italian Courses
ITA 101 Elementary Italian I Gen Ed
ITA 102 Elementary Italian II  Gen Ed
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LEN - Law Enforcement Courses
LEN 102 Police Organization & Administration 
LEN 108 Police & Personnel Management ​ 
LEN 210 Contemporary Issues in Law Enforcement   
​LEN 221 Principles of Criminal Investigation
LEN 227 Introduction to Corrections
LEN 234 Introduction to Security
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MAT - Mathematics Courses
MAT 010 Introductory College Mathematics  
MAT 011 Introductory College Mathematics Accelerated
MAT 050 Elementary​ Algebra 
MAT 051 Elementary Algebra Review
MAT 100 Foundations of Mathematics Gen Ed
MAT 101 Concepts of Mathematics Gen Ed
MAT 102 Survey of Mathematics Gen Ed
MAT 103 Statistics Gen Ed
MAT 105 Intermediate Algebra Gen Ed
MAT 107 Pre-Calculus & Mathematica Analysis Gen Ed
MAT 108 Calculus I Gen Ed
MAT 109 Technical Mathematics
MAT 110 Algebra & Trigonometry Gen Ed
MAT 1​15 College Geometry Gen Ed
MAT 120 Structures of Mathematics I Gen Ed
​​MAT 121 Structures of Mathematics II Gen Ed
MAT 122 Calculus II Gen Ed
MAT 151 Mathematics for Management Gen Ed
MAT 152 Applied Calculus Gen Ed
MAT 200 Foundation of Mathematics II Gen Ed
MAT 201 Discrete Mathematics
MAT 202 Linear Algebra Gen Ed
MAT 205 Differential Equations Gen Ed
MAT 221 Calculus III Gen Ed
MAT 229 Reasoning & Proof​
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MUS - Music Courses
MUS 101 Music Appreciation I Gen Ed
MUS 103 Music In Childhood Education 
MUS 106 Choral Workshop I
MUS 107 Choral Workshop II
MUS 108 Choral Workshop III
MUS 109 Choral Workshop IV  
MUS 112 Basic Musicianship
MUS 115 Basic Aural Skills
​MUS 118 American Popular Music
MUS 121 History of Musical Theatre
MUS 126 History of Music
MUS 203 American Music Gen Ed
MUS 207 Music History I: Music to 1750 
MUS 212 Music Theory
MUS 215 Aural Skills I
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NMT - Nuclear Medicine Technology Courses
NMT 106 Radiation Safety & Biology 
NMT 107 Radiation Physics  
NMT 114 Clinical Imaging Procedures I
NMT 116 Basic Nuclear Medicine Procedures
NMT 205 Clinical Internship I
NMT 210 Clinical Imaging Procedures II
NMT 215 Radiopharmacy
NMT 227 Clinical Internship II
NMT 230 Nuclear Instrumentation & Statistics
​NMT 233 Clinical Imaging Procedures III
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NUR - Nursing Courses
NUR 303 Comprehensive Health Assessment
NUR 305 Nursing Informatics
NUR 308 Topics in Healthcare Ethics
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NURS - Nursing Courses
NURS 102 Dosage Calculations for Nurses
NURS 105 Introduction to Nursing Informatics
NURS 107 Pharmacology for Health Professionals
NURS 110 Nursing I
NURS 111 Nursing I Lab
NURS 115 LPN-to-RN Track
NURS 120 Nursing II
NURS 121 Nursing II Lab
NURS 126 Nursing Reflections
NURS 210 Nursing Global Issues & Trends
NURS 230 Nursing III
NURS 231 Nursing III Lab
NURS 240 Nursing IV
NURS 245 Transition to Practice
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PHI - Philosophy Courses 
PHI 101 Introduction to Philosophy Gen Ed
PHI 104 Ethics Gen Ed
PHI 110 religions of the World Gen Ed
PHI 150 Critical Thinking Gen Ed
PHI 201 Philosophy & History of Science
PHI 204 Contemporary Moral Issues Gen Ed
PHI 210 Ancient & Medieval Philosophy Gen Ed
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PHY - Physics Courses
PHY 101 Principles of Physical Science I  Gen Ed
PHY 103 General Physics I  Gen Ed
PHY 104 General Physics II  Gen Ed
PHY 105 Modern Astronomy Gen Ed
PHY 107 Technical Physics Gen Ed
PHY 110 Applied Physics
PHY 111 Earth Science: Land & Sea Gen Ed
PHY 112 Earth Science: Air & Space Gen Ed
PHY 121 Physics for Everyday Life Gen Ed
PHY 201 Physics I (Calculus Based) Gen Ed
PHY 202 Physics II (Calculus Based) Gen Ed
PHY 241 Forensics I Gen Ed
PHY 242 Forensics II
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PLG - Paralegal Courses

PLG 101 Introduction to Legal Studies
PLG 102 Litigation & Civil Procedure
PLG 103 Legal Research & Writing
PLG 104 Torts
PLG 110 Contemporary Issues in Paralegal Studies 
PLG 125 Business Organization for Paralegals
PLG 201 Criminal Law & Procedure for Paralegals
PLG 203 Bankruptcy
PLG 204 Technology in the Law Office
PLG 205 Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning
PLG 207 Family/Domestic Law
PLG 209 Legal Assistant Practicum
PLG 210 Property Transactions
PLG 212 Paralegal Skills & Office Practices
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POL - Political Science Courses
POL 101 American Federal Government Gen Ed
POL 103 Introduction to Political Science Gen Ed
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PSY - Psychology Courses
PSY 100 Interpersonal Psychology
PSY 101 General Psychology Gen Ed
PSY 200 Understanding Addictive Behavior
PSY 203 Educational Psychology
PSY 206 Psychopharmacology
PSY 211 Psychology of Human Development Gen Ed
PSY 212 Psychology of the Adolescent Gen Ed
PSY 213 Child Psychology Gen Ed
PSY 215 Psychology of Aging Gen Ed
PSY 230 Abnormal Psychology
PSY 231 Abuse and Violence in the Family
PSY 240 Social Psychology 
PSY 305 Psychology of Scientific Thinking
PSY 306 Statistics in Psychology
PSY 310 Psychology as a Profession & Practice
PSY 315 Research Methods in Psychology
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PTA - Physical Therapist Assistant Courses
PTA 101 Introduction to Physical Therapist Assisting 
PTA 102 Kinesiology & Measurement of the Musculoskeletal System 
PTA 105 Pathophysiology for the PTA 
PTA 107 Essential Skills for the PTA I: Patient Care 
PTA 207 Essential Skills for the PTA II: Biophysical Agents 
PTA 208 Management of Neurological Disorders 
PTA 209 Clinical Experience I
PTA 210 Orthopedics for the PTA
PTA​​​ 216 Cardiovascular & Pulmonary PT
PTA 229 Clinical Experience II
PTA 239 Clinical Experience III9
PTA 240 Seminar in PTA Professionalism
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PTE - Process Technology Courses
PTE 101 Process Technology I: Introduction to Process Technology 
PTE 102 Process Technology II: Instrumentation 
PTE 103 Principles of Occupational Safety & Health
PTE 201 Process Technology Equipment
PTE 202 Process Technology Systems & Troubleshooting
PTE 203 Industrial Process Operations
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RDG - Reading Courses
RDG 099 Introduction to College Reading III
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SCI - Science Courses
SCI 105 Introduction to Experimentation 
SCI 110 Women in STEM Seminar
SCI 201 Honors Research
SCI 301 Research Methods and Ethical Issues in Data Analysis​​
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SOC - Sociology Courses
SOC 101 Principles of Sociology Gen Ed
SOC 102 Sociology of the Family Gen Ed
SOC 104 Social Problems Gen Ed
​​SOC 110 Cultural Anthropology
SOC 130 Society, Ethics & Technology Gen Ed
SOC 160 Introduction to Social Work
SOC 203 Sociology of Education
SOC 216 Death and Dying
SOC 220 Sociology of Juvenile Delinquency
SOC 222 Alcohol Drug Fieldwork I
SOC 227 Introduction to Gerontology
SOC 235 Social Psychological Counseling
SOC 238 Social Minorities and Intergroup Relations
SOC 240 Human Behavior in the Social Environment I
SOC 241 Human Behavior in the Social Environment II
SOC 250 Social Service Field Work I
SOC 251 Social Service Field Work II
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SPA - Spanish Courses 
SPA 101 Elementary Spanish I Gen Ed
SPA 102 Elementary Spanish II Gen Ed
SPA 120 Spanish for Law Enforcement 
SPA 130 Spanish for the Medical Profession
SPA 201 Intermediate Spanish I Gen Ed
SPA 202 Intermediate Spanish II Gen Ed
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SPE - Speech Courses
SPE 101 Oral Communication​​​ Gen Ed
SPE 103 Voice & Diction
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THR - Theatre Arts Courses
THR 105 Fundamentals of Ballet
THR 107 Fundamentals of Jazz Dance
​​THR 109 Living Theatre
THR 111, 112, 211, 212 Acting Workshop I, II, III, & IV
THR 205 Introduction to Theatre & Dance
THR 208 Experiencing Acting
THR 210 Advanced Ballet
THR 216 Advanced Jazz Dance