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Prior Learning Assessment

Prior Learning Assessment

Non-Credit to Credit

​​​​​​​​​​N​on-Credit Courses

Have you taken a course with Workforce Development and want to continue in your educational pursuits? Ever wonder if that class can transfer to a degree? Rowan College of South Jersey can help.  At RCSJ, we offer several opportunities to take non-credit courses and transfer those courses into credit programs which can lead to a degree. For additional information on how to register for these courses please contact Workforce Development.​

​Non-Credit Course​

​Credit Course

CH 101: A+ Certified PC Technical Support
​CIS 220: IT Help Desk/ Technical Support
​SHRM 200: Society for Human Resource Management
​BUS 237: Human Resource Management
​WTS 300: Introduction to Water and Waste
​PTE 101: Process Technology I
​BVP 100: Veterinary Assistant Program
​BIO 116: Animal Science
​CTP 100: Certified Production Technician
​PTE 101: Process Technology I
​PWT 101: Certified Personal Trainer
​HPE 252: Foundations of Fitness
​CST 100: Registered Central Service Technician

​HPE 105: Healthcare Provider Emergency Response with BLS​ Certification
PHT 200: Pharmacy Technician
​HPE 105: Healthcare Provider Emergency Response with BLS Certification

Industry Credentials: coming soon...

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