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Students in the Academic Support Center

Tutoring at Gloucester

Tools for Learning

​​​​​General ​​Webtools​: a web based brainstorming tool for just about everything. 

Google Keep​: a web based Chrome Extension and free app for android and Apple that allows you to save clips from webpages and make notes for future use. Also good for to-do lists with reminders. 

Evernote​: ​​a webtool and app that works a lot like Google Keep. It's meant to help you organize your information and ideas for any project. 

​Quizlet:​ a webtool and app that allows you to create study tools you can use anytime anywhere.

​Habitica​: an app that allows you to turn your life into a game. Earn points for your daily tasks, and get rewards (in game and IRL). Gamify your life! 

Chegg Prep: create and review trustworthy flashcards that are easily accessible and can be used anytime anywhere. 

College GPA Calculator​: Use this webtool to input​ your grades and credits earned, and it'll calculate your GPA. 

Time Management

This webpage​ will help you determine your priorities for the week. 
Fill out your weekly 24-hour calendar for the semester. This will help you with your to-do lists. 

Create a Daily To-Do List: This worksheet will provide a space for you to write a to-do list by hand. While apps (like Habitica) might work great for some people, others need the physical act of writing things down on paper in order to commit. 

Fighting Distraction

Offtime​ is a free app for android that will help you set limits for phone usage. 

Blacklist ​is a free app for apple that will block distracting websites for a set time. 

StayFocusd​ is a Google Chrome extension that will help you increase your productivity while working on your computer. 


​Kahn Academy​: This free website and app will let you practice your math skills, monitoring your progress. 

​Math World​ offers a ton of examples and explanation about many math topics. 

Prentice Hall​ offers directions and tips for using graphing calculators. 

Learning Languages

​Duolingo​ makes learning another language fun and easy. 

​Improving Memory and Concentration

Lumosity​ for apple features cognitive games to challenge your brain and develop your memory and concentration. 


​​​Debits and Credits​: This article provides examples and explanations of the differences between debits and credits. 

​Topics Index: This weblink includes links to articles about many topics in accounting. 

The Accounting Equation: This article explains the Accounting Equation and gives examples of its use.

Accounting Dictionary​: This website provides a comprehensive dictionary of accounting terminology.