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Students in the Academic Support Center

Tutoring at Gloucester

Faculty Away Day

​​​​​​​​​​Faculty Away Day enables faculty to miss class without having to cancel altogether. Faculty members can schedule a tutor to come to the classroom during the regular class period, and the tutor will take attendance and conduct a workshop. Faculty is encouraged to collaborate with the Academic Support Center Director to create customized workshops that will be the most effective for individual courses. The ASC also has several workshops for writing and study skills that can be incorporated into most courses. 

If you know you'll need to miss class at least two weeks in advance, consider trying this ser​​vice. To get started, simply contact Nicholas Shepherd, Director, Academic Support (856-415-2248 or [email protected]), or Liz Offenbacker, Asst. Director, Academic Support (856-468-5000 ext. 6427 or [email protected]).

Faculty Feedback 

​"I used Absent Instructor Day with four of my classes, and it was a wonderful help. The students benefitted greatly not only because they didn't miss a class, but also because they were able to review the material from a different perspective. One of my students, for example, mentioned how a concept that she was struggling with when I explained it became very clear to her when the tutor answered her questions. I strongly believe that this is a service that offers great advantages to both students and instructors." -​​Anonymous​ Survey Response

"Great idea!!" - Anonymous Survey Response

"The students in the class that received this service scored 5 points higher on the Final Exam than the students who did not receive the service." - Anonymous Survey Response