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Additional Resources

General ​​Webtools
  •​: a web-based brainstorming tool for just about everything.
  • Google Keep​: a web-based Chrome Extension and free app for android and Apple that allows you to save clips from webpages and make notes for future use. Also good for to-do lists with reminders.
  • Evernote​: ​​a webtool and app that works a lot like Google Keep. It's meant to help you organize your information and ideas for any project. 

  • ​Quizlet:​ a webtool and app that allows you to create study tools you can use anytime anywhere.

  • ​Habitica​: an app that allows you to turn your life into a game. Earn points for your daily tasks, and get rewards (in-game and IRL). Gamify your life!
  • Chegg Prep: create and review trustworthy flashcards that are easily accessible and can be used anytime anywhere. 

  • College GPA Calculator: Use this webtool to input​ your grades and credits earned, and it'll calculate your GPA. ​
Time Management
  • ​This webpage​ will help you determine your priorities for the week.   ​​
Fighting Distraction
  • ​​ StayFocusd​ is a Google Chrome extension that will help you increase your productivity while working on your computer.  
  • ​Kahn Academy​: This free website and app will let you practice your math skills, monitoring your progress. 
  • ​Math World offers a ton of examples and explanations about many math topics. ​​
Learning Languages

​Duolingo​ makes learning another language fun and easy.                      

Improving Memory and Concentration
  • ​​Lumosity​ for apple features cognitive games to challenge your brain and develop your memory and concentration.
Transitioning to College
Learning Style​​s​
Tips for College ​Success
Self Discovery
Learning Resources
Study Skills