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Guides to College Success

​​​​​​​​​College success involves numerous factors including grit, content knowledge, and study skills and strategies. On this page, you'll find links to numerous resources to help you learn studying techniques and to discover how "gritty" you are. These, along with your development of content knowledge through your course work, will help you become successful college students. 

There is a series of indexes under the "Self Discovery" column. Each index measures an aspect of your personality and is designed to help you learn more about yourself. The Grit Test measures your current grittiness. The Personality Test will identify which of the 16 personality types you are. The Learning Styles Index will help you discover how you prefer to learn. The ​Locus of Control test will determine if you have an internal or external locus of control. Finally, the Metacognitive Awareness Inventory will assess your awareness of the effectiveness of your learning strategies. Use these indexes to learn more about yourself. Then click on our learning resources and study skills links for tips and strategies to help you apply what you've learned. 

Please contact the Academic Support Center at 856-681-6250 if you would like to discuss your college success strategies further​. Good luck this semester! 

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