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Tools for Online Learning

​​​​​​​​Online Webtools

General Webtools

Google Keep: a web based Chrome extension and free app for Android and Apple that allows you to save clips from webpages and make notes for future use. Also good for to-do lists with reminders. 

Evernote:  a webtool and app that works a lot like Google Keep. It's meant to help you organize your information and ideas for any project. 

Quizlet: a webtool and app that allows you to create study tools that you can use anytime, anywhere.

Fighting Distraction

Offtime: is a free app for Android that will help you set limits for phone usage. 

Blacklist: is a free app for Apple that will block distracting websites for a set time. 

StayFocusd: is a Google Chrome extension that will help you increase your productivity while working on your computer. 

Time Management

Wunderlist: is a webpage and app that will help you stay on track with all the different tasks you have in life. 

This New Project Planning Worksheet will help you organize large projects and manage your time as you complete them. 

Fill out your weekly 24-hour calendar for the semester. This will help you with your to-do lists. 

Create a Daily To-Do List: This worksheet will provide a space for you to write a to-do list by hand. While apps (like Habitica) might work great for some people, others need the physical act of writing things down on paper in order to commit. ​

​​Click the file below for some helpful tips on being successful in an online setting:

Student Tips for Remote Learning