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Students in the Academic Support Center

Tutoring at Gloucester

Academic Success Program

​The goal of RCSJ is for every student to have a successful academic experience. However, for a variety of reasons, students may find that they are not doing as well as they would like academically. Students with GPAs below 2.0 are placed on Academic Probation.

If you have been placed on Academic Probation, it is possible for you to recover your GPA and succeed academically. The Academic Support Center has several resources for students on Academic Probation.

Academic Probation Advising

The first step is to meet with your advisor to discuss your academic standing, learn what is needed to improve your standing, and pick classes/make a plan going forward. To view the list of advisors on Gloucester's campus ​​and schedule a meeting, click HERE​. Depending on your probation level and major, you may have been assigned a specific probation advisor that you are expected to meet with during this time. If you are unsure of the correct advisor, please reach out to the advisement department or your program director.

Academic Success Program

The Academic Success Program is designed to provide assistance and support to help students improve their academic skills and performance; and to refer and connect students to the various free resources across campus.

The program consists of two parts:

  1. Back in the Game workshop​ – learn about RCSJ's Academic Probation policies and procedures as well as expectations of you during the probationary period.
  2. ​"Kickoff Coaching" meeting – meet one-on-one with an academic coach who will share individualized resources and success tips. 

If you have already met with your advisor, you can sign up for a Back in the Game Workshop here:

Your workshop leader will get you started with the Academic Success Program and direct you to the next steps to take from there.

Financial Aid

If you use grants, loans, or scholarships to pay for your classes, they may be affected by your probation status. It is important to talk to the Financial Aid office​ as soon as possible to discuss your payment options and apply to have your financial aid reinstated if necessary.  After you have met with the financial aid office, our staff members at the Academic Support Center are happy to help you complete the financial aid appeal process. We have resources and staff members available to assist you in the process.

Additional Student​ Success Resources

  • ​Academic Coaching

Our academic coaches are professional staff members who work one-on-one with students to help students develop the necessary skills to succeed in college, including time management, study strategies, and much more.

Academic coaching sessions are typically 30-60 minutes long. During the session, you can expect your academic coach to ask you questions, share resources and strategies with you, and set goals or outline a plan for implementing these strategies. You can find more information on the Academic Coaching section of our webpage HERE​.

  • Tutoring

    Our tutors are highly trained subject specialists who can help you understand and review difficult course content. Tutoring sessions are available by appointment and on a drop-in basis. Your tutor can help you complete practice problems, review tricky material, study for an upcoming quiz or exam, and more. You can find more information on the Tutoring section of our webpage HERE​.

  • Student Success Workshops

    We offer a variety of personal development workshops on topics including time management, study habits, communication skills, and more. Workshops are offered in small-group settings either in person or online. You can find more information on the Workshop section of our webpage HERE.

We are more than happy to answer any questions about the Academic Success Program or the steps required of students on Academic Probation. Please feel free to email us at  [email protected] or call us at 856-681-6250. We look forward to working with you and helping you succeed!​